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Beth Harvey - Your Technology Integrator

iTech Monthly Classes for Recertification Points

Click here for a schedule and overview of topics that will be offered in the monthly classes. You will receive recertification points for these classes.

Tips and Reminders

  1. Open Google Chrome and log in to Open Google Drive, Edmodo and Discovery (if you use it). Keep these open throughout the day.
  2. All network drops have become student drops. Use the laptop wireless to access the internet and not the blue network cords.
  3. Make sure you logged out of your personal accounts in your browser and Google. Many times when you click on a shared Google doc and are not given access, it is because you are still logged in to your personal account and not your CCPS account.
  4. Try using a Google Doc for your announcement page in Edline.

Beth Harvey - Instructional Technology Integrator

I am your Technology Integrator this year. You can contact me by e-mail or sign up for a time on the weekly support sign up sheet. I will be located in the conference room or guidance work room on my support days.