Kraft Class 1st Grade Update


Fire Safety

October is Fire Safety month. This week we talked about firefighters, and how important they are in our community. We read our Scholastic News article and made a fireman craft showing what we know about firefighters. This would be a great opportunity for your family to check your smoke detectors at home, and to go over a plan for what to do in case of a fire.

Super Kids Reading

Unit 1 of “The Adventures of Super Kids” is complete. On Tuesday we will begin Unit 2. The memory words are "what, where, who, which, when, why". The sound spelling pattern is /th/ and /wh/. Look for this new list in their binders on Tuesday.

* Each unit will last about 8 days. Then a new list of memory words and patterns words will be sent home. While reading with your children every night, please discuss/point out memory words, spelling patterns, and/or ask questions about a book they are reading.


This week we took a look at subtraction. We discussed what it means to subtract and strategies we can use to problem solve. We used unifix cubes, acted it out, and drew pictures to help us find our answers.


Students wrote their final narrative paper. I will be sharing these stories with you during parent-teacher conference in November. (I will also hand off any other stories they wrote during the Narrative Unit.) Now we are moving into Informative Writing.


To wrap up our writing unit on Narrative Writing, our buddies listened to us read our stories to them. Next week our buddies will be bringing their narratives to share with us!

Top Dog

Our Top Dog for the week was Nevaeh. Nevaeh likes going to the movies, museum, and visit her family in Tennessee. She like to help clean up and make new friends! Some of her favorite songs are "Cant Feel My Face", "Nae-Nae", and "Starships".

Scootpad Handout

Scootpad- you will find a new login to Scootpad. Please discard the first Scootpad letter I sent home and only refer to the new one inside their Friday Folders. (This one to keep was copied on yellow paper. Please save and use as needed.)

Weekly Reminders

A new reading log went home today (inside Friday Folder). If your child forgot to turn their log in, please send it to school on Monday.

I received an email stating that the Scholastic Book order is on its way!! I will hopefully be distributing these next week.

*New Scholastic Books orders can be placed online. These orders are due November 1. To order online, click here. The classroom code is PCVG8.

Check out the selection of animated books at TumbleBooks, provided by the Woodridge Public Library. (*A library card is needed to access this awesome website.)

Practice Math Facts at home by logging into XtraMath. (They need to know their 4 digit pin. Email if they don’t, and I will send home.)

Practice math skills using IXL. (This login is the same as Scootpad, which is taped inside their binder.)

Reward your child for working hard on their math facts and skills by playing math games at SumDog. (their login is taped inside their binder)

Encourage your child to practice their language skills at home. Visit Scootpad (Their login is taped inside their binder.)

Practice weekly sound patters and memory words on the Super Kids interactive website.

Need a new login sheet for any of the websites listed above? Email me and I will send home a new form!