What is SARS?

  • SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is a disease caused by a coronavirus.
  • In 2003 it was spread to multiple countries, making it a pandemic.
  • SARS spreads from person to person. This means that the virus is infectious.
  • SARS is also a communicable disease because it is able to spread from an infected person to another through the air.

About the coronavirus:

  • The virus that causes SARS is called the coronavirus.
  • This virus causes respiratory infections. Example: the Common Cold.
  • SARS coronavirus is harmful because it makes our healthy (good) cells make bad proteins, causing the virus to spread.

Getting Infected:

  • The reservoir of Infection is anything that the coronavirus is located.
  • The reservoirs of Infection for the SARS coronavirus are bats, some birds, Civets, and humans.
  • Portal of Entry and Exit:

Disease spreading:

  • Droplet Transmission

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Signs

  1. Fever
  • Symptoms
  1. Body aches

How to prevent SARS:

  • wear a mask