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Cross Country Skiing

What es Cross Country Skiing?

Cross country skiing also known as XC Skiing is a sport in which participants/competitors push themselves across snow-covered landscapes using skis and poles. Cross country skiing is part of the Nordic skiing family. The most modern style of skiing is cross country skiing.

Interesting Fact!

Not only is cross country skiing entertaining, it's also one the most healthiest recreational sports for your overall body. It's a terrific cardiovascular activity! For more facts visit here.
This video below shows the difficult endeavors many athletes competing in cross country skiing face during and after their event/race. The link above takes you to an article about how cross country skiing is one of the most physical demanding sports known to man. If health and fitness interests you, you should definitely check it out!
Finish Line Carnage

Did you know?

Did you know that Kikkan Randal aka "Kikkanimal" has her very own website with tons of information about her?
On the Record: Kikkan Randall
If you want to know more personal information about Kikkan Randal, watch the video above. If not, you have another option, read the article below that will surely be worth your time. The article is about Kikkan Randal's placement results after her performances.