Hubble Space Telescope


The Hubble Space Telescope was designed to see clear and deep views of the many distant galaxies,stars and most planets in the solar system.

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Lasting far beyond it's planned lifetime the hubble has made a huge impact in every area of astronamy.Results from the orbiting telescope are the backbone of more than three tousand five hundred technical papers.

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●Hubble is ruffly the size of a large school bus,13.2 meters (43.5 feet).

●It weighs 11,110 kg which is as much as two full-grown elephants.

●In an average orbit Hubble uses 3,000 watts of energy - roughly the same as 30 household light bulbs.

●The Hubble is the first space based optical telescope in the world.

●It is named for American astronomer Edwin P. Hubble. Dr. Hubble confirmed an "expanding" universe, which excelled for the Big Bang theory.