What's your dream study space?

When you're getting ready for the long haul to finish that essay, that lab report, or study for that exam, where do you go? What about that place or that time makes it work for you? That's what we're trying to find out, and why we're asking #HowDoYouStudy?

How much time do you spend looking for a power socket?

A national survey found that the vast majority of students now have a laptop – and a majority of them use their laptops to support their studies. The hunt for a power socket can be the most selective criterion for a student to meet when looking for a study space around town. We have 24-hour computer labs on campus, but what about a 24-hour laptop-friendly study space?

What's a 24-hour library to you?

The Library has run two stints of 24-hour service this year – both during exam diets. The Library staff are now saying that they're not sure they'll try again in the near future – unless we can convince them there's reason to try a third time. It's clear that students study at all hours, day and night, but how many students are studying when? And what kind of assignments will students stay up overnight to study for or complete?

Okay, so what?

Students are studying in fundamentally different ways from just a few years ago.

The proliferation wireless internet access, mobile phones, tablets, and laptop computers have completely changed the way students study. We want to know exactly how students study today so that we can make the most accurate and effective argument to the University to provide better purpose-built spaces for students.

Here are some stories:

Meg (Art History & IR)

"When I revised, I would rewrite all of my lecture notes into more compact Word documents. I also liked to do big mind maps on A2 paper, which is why I liked using the tables in the library."

"And I used the 24 computer labs a lot. I definitely pulled some all nighters in the Irvine building. ... I will say that much as I would like it to, the student mind doesn't work on a 9-5 schedule. Some times the most brilliant ideas will come to you at strange hours."

Ondrej (Int'l Relations)

"I work best under pressure. Even when I know there are two weeks to the deadline, that wouldn't help. I need loads of stuff going on or to be under pressure do get stuff done."

"I work best until about 1am or midnight: after that, it's not my best work. But I also don't like the library during the day. I really like the library after 7/8pm when it's not too busy."

Robyn (Medicine)

I’ve found that I procrastinate a lot and do things at the last minute. Although, with studying a course which is 100% exam, at least I don’t have assignments to hand in every few weeks."

"I tend to work better in the afternoon/evening, usually because I sleep late, which can lead to becoming semi-nocturnal during exam time. I get too distracted working in places where there are lots of people, so I normally work in my room where the only distractions are the Internet and Disney music!"

Here's where we need your help.

Add your story.

We're bringing out the #HowDoYouStudy survey to ask students about what kind of resources they want from their University and their Students' Union. Your information will be used with the input from students from all walks of University life to measure just what students want when they study.

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Fueled on SabbPower.

This survey and website are crafted by Teddy Woodhouse, the Director-elect of Representation. He campaigned in March on moving the 24-hour library service in term time and creating laptop-friendly study spaces in the University.

Teddy, along with Chloe Hill (President), Kelsey Gold (DoSDA), and Daniel Palmer (DoES), will take up post in July for one year.