Saying "so long" to big city lights

And a goodbye to EQAO too

It's been a great ride

I started at EQAO as an item writer for the OSSLT in 1999, and began my first stint as an Education Officer in 2001. My EQAO life has been a bit of a roller coaster. My first administration was the 2001 breach. Nothing like starting with a bang! We newbies (all the English EOs were newbies that year) scrambled to produce a second test within months. Shades of 2012-2013 when I covered Joanne Rinella's mat leave. Yay! Another opportunity to create and score two OSSLTs in one year with an English team of newbies. Thank heaven for Danielle Cloutier! Because of the professionalism, the powerful work ethic and the collaborative spirit of the whole agency, all went well.

No matter the ups and downs over the years, EQAO people are simply the best. I have worked with so many caring, creative, simply amazing people - too many to name here. I will miss the mental buzz that happens in a hive of smart people, and I will miss the big hearts and smiles that happen when people know they are doing good work that matters.

Thank you.

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OSSLT/TPCL Team 2015-2016

Turning a corner...on to the next phase

Going home to Muskoka

I love the diversity of Toronto street life and the inspiring cultural events of the city, but I came to dread the weekend commute to and from Muskoka. While I am sad to say goodbye to friends, I am looking forward to travelling, to having more grammy time, to digging in the garden and to canoeing in the further north. There are many new adventures awaiting me, and if I ever have downtime, there is always wood to stack.

Our door is always open

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We must all live our lives /Always feeling/ Always thinking/ The moment has arrived.

Tracy Chapman - If Not Now - 12/4/1988 - Oakland Coliseum Arena (Official)