5th@HES Learning Guide

From the Desk of Mrs. Goodwin & Ms. Lemon, Vol. 1 Issue 3

Week of September 14 - September 18

5th Grade Shout Outs

Happy Belated Birthday to Trinity Jay!

Trinity's Birthday was, Friday, September 10. If you have not already, be sure to wish Trinity a Happy- Belated Birthday!

We hope you enjoyed your day!

~Mrs. Goodwin & Ms. Lemon

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This Week In ELA

We will:

1. Learn about Fiction and Nonfiction and the different genres within them.

2. Learn about the importance of keeping your reading log, up-to-date.

3. Learn about the Routines and Expectations of Reading and Writing Workshop.

4. Learn about our reading interests and how we use that to drive our independent reading book choices.

5. Learn about how to use the seeds we have planted to help us create a detailed writing piece.

This Week In Math

We will:

1. Explore the connection between numerical expressions and coordinate planes

2. Continue building computation skills with Number Talk

3. Practice new and familiar math strategies with Dreambox

4. Build multiplication fluency with daily Reflex math practice.

Due By Friday, September 18, 2020 by 2:30pm

English Language Arts

Readers and Writers, please complete the following tasks by Friday:

  1. Complete ALL SHARE with your PB&J assignments from our daily pallets in Reading and Writing. These assignments will be graded and used as apart of your daily participation grades.
  2. Complete ALL INDEPENDENT ASSIGNMENTS from Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. These assignments will be graded and used as apart of your daily classwork grades.

Math: If you have not completed the following please do so:

Acess Clever and follow the directions on the picture.

Personalized Learning Opportunities

Click on the links below to access your PLOs:

Big Ideas Math - https://www.bigideasmath.com/BIM/login

  • To access your log-in, use your login information provided to you by your teacher.

Destiny Discovery Education - https://search.follettsoftware.com/metasearch/ui/29828

  • To access your log-in, enter your student ID for your username and your birthday date (mmddyy) for your password.

Discovery Education - https://richlandone.discoveryeducation.com

  • To access your log-in, enter your laptop login for your username and password

Dreambox - https://play.dreambox.com/login/6g3f/8chs

  • To access your log-in, use your class code (23018) and your login information provided to you by Mrs. Goodwin.

Flocabulary - https://www.flocabulary.com/join-class

  • To access your log-in, use class code: PZNHBG and create your account with same information you use to login to your device.
Lexia - https://www.lexiacore5.com/register

Reading A to Z - https://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login

  • To access your log-in, add your teacher's name (clemon2 / lhicks16 ) and find your name and add your password (5-digit student id).

Storyworks - https://storyworks.scholastic.com

  • To access your log-in, use the class password: HES20-21

Any other resources, be sure to reference your Usernames and Passwords Sheets for library resources and the Student Resources Page from RichlandOne (see the link below)


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