Sunset Valley Elementary 4/18/19

Jaguar Corner

Hello Jaguars!

-A quick reminder that there is no school tomorrow! The kids are back in session on Monday, April 22! I hope everyone has a fantastic 3-day weekend!

-April 24 is Administrative Professionals Day in R7! Mrs. Wendy Booker and Mrs. Lydia Kirkham are AMAZING! If you call SVE, the first voice you hear is from Wendy or Lydia. They both do so much for our students, families and staff at SVE! They are extremely important to Team SVE!!!

LSR7 participates in National Social and Emotional Learning Campaign to help meet the needs of the ‘Whole Child’

LSR7’s Dr. Staci Mathes, Executive Director of Special Services, and Dr. Rexanne Hill, Executive Director of Student Support, joined more than 100 school district administrators from across the country on March 31st through April 2nd in Nashville, Tenn., to participate in the first ever AASA Social and Emotional Learning Cohort, presented by AASA, The School Superintendents Association, in partnership with Panorama Education, Move This World and Right at School. Educators engaged in meaningful dialogue with their peers about how Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is contributing to the whole child—from physical and mental health to the development of fundamental, lifelong-learning skills.

CFMP Phase II work teams and timeline updates

CFMP Phase II work teams and timeline updates

Phase II work in the Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan (CFMP) process is currently underway in our school district. The CFMP team has reconvened to continue providing input and feedback for our process action teams and planning teams that are currently meeting.

The process action teams, as a result of Phase I work in the CFMP, are studying and researching best practices and applicable scenarios for our LSR7 schools. The process action teams and planning teams that are currently meeting are below:

R-7 Equity Plan Development Team

“Future Ready” School Visit Teams

Middle School Design Process Action Team

Year-Round School Process Action Team

Theme-Based Schools Process Action Team 2

Expansion of Work Force Ready Preparation Process Action Team 3
Early Childhood Expansion (partnership with Facilities) Team 4
English Language Learners Program Placement Process Action Team


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Upcoming Dates

April 3- May 14 - MAP Window

April 19 - NO SCHOOL

April 22 - 7:00 PM Cavalcade of Bands, LSHS

April 23 - 7:00 PM Festival of Strings, LSHS

April 25 - 7:00 PM 3rd Grade Performance, Gym

May 2 - 6:00 PM 10 Year Anniversary Celebration + Art and Writing Celebration