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September 21, 2022

From The Desk Of Principal Roberts

Tomorrow we will host our APEX Fun Run during grade level specials. If you like loud music, lots of energy, and excitement this is an event you will not want to miss. This is such a great time for our students. Students will complete obstacles with their classmates and staff. If you would like to come and cheer on your child and his/her peers, please make sure you follow the check-in protocol with Michelle Baker. Anyone on school grounds must have a visitor/volunteer pass. You can come in anytime beforehand to pre-register. If you have a pre-printed badge for tomorrow, you can report straight to the playground! With the temps still in the 90s, please make sure your child is wearing comfortable clothing (including tennis shoes) and brings a water bottle! Hope to see you there.

The challenge tonight is called the PRINCIPAL'S CHALLENGE! Our principal has challenged the entire school to work as one big team tonight! If we can crush it and get as many pledges as we can to help the school then your principal is going to..... HAVE A SCHOOL-WIDE PJ DAY WITH CARTOONS AT LUNCH! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

Go to myapexevent.com and use your access code to log into your page, share it with friends and family, and get pledges to help our school!

5th Grade (7:45 - 8:35)

4th grade (8:40 - 9:30)

1st grade (9:35 - 10:25)

3rd grade (10:30 - 11:20)

Kindergarten (11:55-12:45)

2nd Grade (12:50-1:40)

5th Grade (1:50-2:40)

With Joy,

Shelley Roberts

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Live Rattler News

Would you like to check out our live announcements brought to us by the Rattler News Crew? Feel free to join us Monday-Friday 7:30 - 7:40 each day.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:


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Opportunities at River Ridge

We are also looking for some great new additions to our already stellar staff. If you find any of these opportunities interesting, please feel to contact me (shelley.roberts@leanderisd.org), Gareth Cook (gareth.cook@leanderisd.org), or Dorothy Yip (dorothy.yip@leanderisd.org).

  • TWO Special Education Instructional Assistant Positions - This job opportunity would focus on working with students who receive special education services. We are also open to a job share opportunity with two individuals interested in part-time work.

Interested in having a voice in the district’s future?

Interested in having a voice in the district’s future? Consider applying to join the Citizens’ Facility Advisory Committee (CFAC). The district is seeking 200+ volunteers to serve on the following six subcommittees:
  • High Schools
  • Middle Schools
  • Elementary Schools
  • Technology
  • Ancillary Services
  • Security
Learn more: https://bit.ly/3qe1WYe

News from the PTA


Lego Club Chair(s)
Have a little one who loves to create with Legos? Looking for an awesome parent to help lead the charge with our littlest lego engineers! Please contact Heather Tankersley for more information. hseitz75@gmail.com or 561-459-9203.

Chess Club Chair
Would you LOVE to share your love of chess with our Rattlers to help develop perspective, improve memory, deepen focus, and elevate creativity? We're looking for an awesome chair to help lead the chess club :). Please contact Heather Tankersley for more information. hseitz75@gmail.com or 561-459-9203.

Talent Show
We're hoping to bring back the talent show this fall and are looking for someone with a love of performing arts, great organizational skills, and the desire to help showcase our kiddos that want to shine on a stage in front of all of our friends and family members. Please contact Heather Tankersley for more information. hseitz75@gmail.com or 561-459-9203.

Watch Dogs
Calling All Dads! We're looking for dads to get involved. We have loads of opportunities from helping with recess and lunch, engaging in the classroom with their kids (and other kiddos), help in the upcoming Critical Thinking Lab, and more! Contact Doug Vigliano for more info 321-480-1393.

Free Tutoring Opportunity

My name is Sahar, and I am a student at Vandegrift High School. I am a part of an organization called Conquering STEM, and this year our organization is providing free tutoring to students from 3rd grade to 8th grade. The sessions would take place online, and we were wondering if you would be able to pass this information along to families and students who would benefit from this opportunity.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to conqueringstem1@gmail.com.

Take Apart Items

If you have an old, non-functioning or no-longer-used machine with moving mechanical parts, we would love to take it off your hands for a 5th grade QUEST take-apart project. Those especially of interest are DVD players, VHS players, cassette tape players, anything with speakers or motors or moving mechanical parts but no glass. Old desk-top computers & microwave ovens with the door removed are fun, too! We will be reverse-engineering to see how they work, and then creating new devices with the old parts. You will not get your machine back. If the device is too large for your child to carry to Ms. Harold or Ms. Renner's class, please drop it off in the wagon at the front office. We will happily take it off your hands! Drop off dates: Thurs. Sept. 15 - Friday Sept. Friday Sept. 23

Destination Imagination

River Ridge Destination Imagination Teams are forming now! Does your 3rd-5th grade child like to build, design, invent, create, perform, and work with a team to solve challenges? If so, he or she might be interested in participating in Destination Imagination (DI). Destination Imagination (DI) is an extracurricular, LISD-sponsored program that fosters creativity, team-based problem-solving skills and life skills for students. Leander ISD Destination Imagination is open to all students in 3rd-12th grade. Registration forms are available here, or outside either of the QUEST rooms (Ms. Renner or Ms. Harold). Your child does not need to be in QUEST to participate.

If you are interested in learning more about Destination Imagination, please visit the River Ridge Elementary Destination Imagination webpage, or contact Myra Harold (Myra.Harold@leanderisd)

Registration forms are due Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022 to Ms. Harold (Myra.Harold@leanderisd) via email, or in person. We will form as many teams as we have managers to manage them. It helps to get your form in early.

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