Digital Dossier

Your digital dossier is under construction long before

What's the main idea? What is Dossier?

Simple Definition of dossier

: a group of papers that contain detailed information about someone or something

this is stored by companies and various agencies that collect and store these identities which is formed even before we itself begin to form ourselves

Youth and Media - Digital Dossier
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My digital dossier

of course my Digital Dossier started the same way everyones did. It started on November,26 2003. Today was the biggest storm yet and on the hospital bed was I as a small baby I was the first baby in my family. My nurse took a picture of when my dad picked me up and kissed me. Which my mom saved onto flicker, due to me being there first child I got a lot of fame. Everyone who came to see me then now took lots of pictures to share onto Facebook. Every two seconds I would hear a sound of a camera, it was really annoying.My families background was in Pakistan but I was born here in Canada, Toronto which made my parents send messages and use Skype to connect to them which they used to spread that I was born because they were really happy about it. Now when I started my first school my mom came in and put in all the information about me like my home address ,birth,gender,first name,sir name and more. And now they have a record of my marks which the government has a copy of to. once I started middle school I was introduced to the new environment here in computers we started a new gmail account and had our new emails just for school.Then I started liking social media and made accounts for Instragram, Facebook and a personal gmail and how about snapchat. which made me post pictures and talk to relatives and friends that were far away from me using messanger ,hangouts and video calling with face time. Now that Im a little more older I need to use google for homework assignments and cookie's store all of that information on my laptop on what website I went to and the date and not only that now due to me having a phone my parents put a sim which after a month they get a overview of what apps I have used or done on my IPhone. Outside of our house we have cameras to see who is standing outside of the house and one at the back so when we open a door it goes "ding" and then rogers get a backup that someone opened the door and sends and email to may dad which says somebody opened the door.