The Montgomery Bus Boycott

Take a stand for sitting in the front of the bus

Our purpose

We stand together to stop the racial desegregation and to put and end to the white people in the front. We should get it to the point where the pass a law for us to sit where we want and to end the bus desegregation.

instead of riding the busses

we could walk or ride a bike or ride in a supported by other whites for the cause who thought desegregation was wrong also. Also we could take a bus that only was for us and that was represented by the protests and our cause to stop desegregation.

The boycott

The cause of the event was when Rosa Parks sat on the bus and wouldn't give her seat to the white man. purpose of the boycott was that we would be able to sit with the whites and be created equal and not be desegregated. The effects of this would be to stop desegregation and have laws passed in order for us to be able to sit with the whites and be equal with them.