100m Breast Stroke

By: Chloe Barker


The history of the breaststroke goes back to the stone age when people were performing a frog like action with their legs when trying to move through the water. As time passed, it became a stand alone competitive stroke in the Olympics. The underwater recovery of both arms and legs in the breaststroke creates a large frontal resistance making it the slowest of the four basic swimming strokes. The fastest time ever recorded for men is 58.46, and it was performed by Cameron Van Der Burgh. The fastest woman time ever recorded was 65.47 seconds, and it was performed by Ruta Meilutyte.

The Goal of the Study

My goal is compare the men's and women's times in the 100m breaststroke. My goal is also see and predict if the women's times will ever be the same or faster than men's and if so, when?I will measure the performance in time. All the data used in the article is from the Olympic page.

The Scatter Plot

The blue square dots represent female competitors and the pink X's are the male competitors.

The Linear Regression (The Lines of Best Fit)

Both men and women are decreasing (faster times). The red trend line represents woman and the lue trend line represents men.

Point of Intersection

Big image

At a Crossroads

As you can tell from the picture, both lines are decreasing. The red trend line, representing the women, started out slower. Currently, the men are outdoing the women by a lot, but according to my mathematical predictions, in 2142, the men and women times will be the same, and then from there on the women will be faster. The woman and men are both getting better, but the woman are decreasing a tiny but faster. It is also predicted, that in 2142, when the times are the same, it will be at 40 seconds.

The X Coordinate

The X coordinate is the independent value. The independent value represents the years. In 2142, both girls and guys will have the same time.

The Y Coordinate

The Y coordinate is the dependent value. The dependent value represents the times. In 2142, it is predicted that the men's and women's time will be the same which is predicted to be 40 seconds.


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