Civil War Movie Review

Dhruv Patel

Gods and General

Overview- The film centers on the life of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson , the Confederate general, from the outbreak of the American Civil War until its halfway point when Jackson, while on a night ride with his staff to plan the next day's battle, is accidentally shot by his own soldiers in May 1863 while commanding at the Battle of Chancellorsville . It also follows Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and Winfield Hancock. Chamberlain is a Maine college professor who is appointed a Lieutenant Colonel and becomes second-in-command of the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment. The film prominently features the Battles of Bull Run, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville.

The Character that sticks out to me during this film is Stonewall Jackson. He was fearless in battle and caring of his men and family (newly born daughter). He was a very religious man and believed that all of their fates were decied and when his time comes it will come. That is what made him fearless.


Overview-In 1863, the Northern and Southern forces fight at Gettysburg in the decisive battle of the American Civil War. The Battle is split up into three days in which it gives both viewpoints on the battle. In the end it is the union that wins, but there were a lot of casulties on both sides and major losses.

The character that sticks out to me is Colonel Joshua Chamberlain because he is a kind leader who wantsts to protect his men and when he gets those extra solidiers who abondened their posts he doesn't want to kill and tries to convince them to stay and ight so he doesnt have to kill them.


Overview-This film is about the first formal unit of the Union Army during the American Civil War to be made up entirely of African-American men, and Colonel Shaw, its white commanding officer. They were the first unit of what became known as the Unites States Colored Troop known for their heroic actions at Fort Wagne, Which Ultimately led to the.

The character that stuck out to me was Private Trip because he was a troublemaker and short-tempered but he tried to do was right when he was treated wrong. Like when their paychecks were cut they went on a protest that he started.


Overview-This film follows the story of Abraham Lincoln as he tries to pace the Emancipation Proclamation before the war ends and all the slave states come back and the proclamtion can't be passed.

The Character that stood out to me was Abraham Lincoln because he was trying to do everything he could to get into pace the Proclamation and he also tried to protect his son from going into the war. I also liked how he told all those stories in most ridiculous of times.

Personal Take

The films we watched were about The American civil war and what I learned after thr films is that both sides of the war did bad and horrible things. Also I learned that during this war a lot of lives were lost and the war itself was fought with people they knew like brother against brother.