Dazzling Diamonds!

New Stylist - Ready, Set, Go!!

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Welcome to the Dazzling Diamonds!

You love the jewels, and now you're ready for the opportunity! It's time to get you off to a Fabulous Start!!!! I am so excited for you to begin YOUR Stella & Dot journey! As your sponsor, I will be here for you every step of the way to make sure you love what you do and you're reaching the goals you have for yourself!

The leadership team at Stella & Dot does a lot to ensure our success including providing a ton of online training resources! Take some time and have fun browsing the Stylist Lounge and Stellaverse! You will get to know our Home Office team and all the resources they provide for us.

The Dazzling Diamonds Team is still growing, so while I'll add you to our team group page to share information and inspiration with you, I'll also add you to our larger Shining Diamonds team Facebook page which is led by my personal sponsor, Stefanie Ott! Within the Shining Diamonds community you will find a lot of tips, inspiration, and support! Now let's have some FUN!

Are you ready?? I have a fun challenge for you over the next four weeks!

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It's time for a Newbie Challenge!!!!

Steps to success!

I have a fun three part challenge for YOU! If you complete all three parts in your first 30 days, you will earn yourself some DISPLAY items!

Here we go...

#1- Schedule a 15 minute call with ME once a week for the first month. We will go over the basics and I will help you book your first four shows!

#2- BOOK FOUR shows in your first 60 days! Have Four dates ready to go by Day 30! This is proven to get you off to a fast and successful start! The more you do in your jumpstart, the more $$$$ you'll make and the more products you will earn for FREE! Oh..and yes, you'll meet a TON of strangers that you will book and continue your business with!!!

***One of these shows can be YOUR Launch SHOW!

#3- Sell $1000 in your first 30 days!! Guess what happens if you do this?? You will earn an additional $300 in FREE product! This is $100 Quickstart bonus, PLUS $100 product credits for Jumpstart (10% back on your sales), PLUS the $100 extended April sign up bonus ($1,000 sales in first 30 days)! This can be done with one to two shows!

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I believe in you, do you believe in yourself?

Believing in yourself is half the battle! Are you ready for this?? Let's have FUN and do this TOGETHER!

Complete all FOUR tasks by your 30th day and I'll send you a SET OF FIVE TRAYS! :)
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Let the FUN begin!

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