Kindergarten News

Kindergarten's Weekly Newsletter - Issue 2

CURRICULUM NEWS for August 28th - September 1st



  • sight words: I, a, at
  • orange


  • Discover the importance of reading
  • Building Stamina in Read to Self
  • Taking care of our books
  • Letter names and their sounds
  • Nouns - people


  • Write by using pictures and words


  • Number Sense (reading, writing, and representing numbers 0 - 5)
  • Recognizing numbers and sets that have either more, less, or the same amount


  • The Five Senses


  • The importance of rules
  • Being a good citizen of the classroom
  • Authority figures in our home, school, & community

Math Homework

Monday - No school/ Assessment Day

Tuesday - Go on a numbers scavenger hunt around your house or neighborhood! Check to see if your child can identify and write the numbers 0 - 5 out of order.

Wednesday - Using beans, cereal, or toys, create two sets of objects. Have your child identify which set has more or less.

Thursday - Play Writing the Numbers game. Play one will write a number without showing it to player two. Player two will do the same. Partners will show their numbers to each other at the same time. Partners will compare their numbers (more/ less, greater/ fewer, the same/ equal).

Friday - No homework. Enjoy your weekend!

Technology homework...

Please have your child practice using a mouse at home! Click on the link below to practice through playing a fun game!

Letter Sounds Song!

Phonics Song 2


Friday, August 25th - Family Back to School Dance from 6:30-8:30 in the WRE cafe

Monday, August 28th
- Kindergarten Assessment Day/ No school

Please sign up for a time (if you haven't already done so). Please note that this is not a conference time and no testing results will be shared at that time. If possible, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time in case we are able to start assessing your child sooner.

Thursday, August 31st - Wear ORANGE

Monday, September 4th - Labor Day/ No school

Magazines please!

Do you have any old magazines lying around? We can use them!

Please send child appropriate magazines to your child's teacher. We will be using these for lessons in the near future.

From the Gifted & Talented Department

Please mark your calendars for the Kindergarten GT Parent Information Meeting on Tuesday, October 24th from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm. We will meet at Rogers Middle School and give a brief overview of our Kindergarten GT Program, so you will be prepared for the Kindergarten Referral Window November 6 – 17. We look forward to seeing you there!

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