Period 1 (1491-1607)

By Jacob McLaughlin

Valladolid Debate (1550-1551)

  • The Valladolid Debate was one of the first debates concerning the rights of the native in the new world.
  • 2 arguments
  • Bartolome said that indians were creations of god while Sepulveda said that Natives were savages and should be enslaved.

Columbian Exchange (Late 15th-18th century)

  • The Columbian Exchange as the trade of people (Slaves), crops and animals.
  • Led to the spread of diseases.
  • Populations in new countries greatly increased.
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Protestant Reformation (16th century)

  • Revival of the Catholic Church
  • Catholic Churches mostly in Europe
  • Led by Martin Luther, John Calvin, King Henry VIII

Nation State

  • Modern form of political organization and society
  • Involves culture and ethnicity with centralized government
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Roanoke Island (Late 16th century)

  • "Lost Colony"
  • Only lasted three years
  • Nobody ever found out how the people living there vanished.


ENV-2: At Roanoke, colonist did not have the resources to survive alone. Throughout the three years, the death rates were substantially high because of the lack of supplies and food from the land.

WXT-1: Once colonist arrived in the New world, they began to bring foods and useful items back to Europe and created trading posts.