Five nights at Freddy's 4

The dlc awakens and some top FNaF theories with FNaF World!

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Trailer

The FNaF Theories and more! On this article! (This one is a mouthful!)

Theory 1) Is Nightmare is it Shadow Freddy?

From what we know from these theory's that we have encountered there may be a possible solution that night mare is Shadow Freddy. How is this theory possible? We'll if you change Fread bears bow tie and hat with night mare you get Golden Freddy technically Fread bear in a way but we will find out soon enough. So then what do you get when you cross over a purple bow tie and a purple hat with night mare attached with them on? That's right Shadow Freddy! However the theory is not proven yet since the FNAF fans are still debating if Night mare possesses Fread bear. Ok that is enough for this for now
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Teaser 1) The "Thank you" teaser (Every character except for the phantoms and Halloween edition characters and sadly no purple man!)

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Teaser 1) The Thank you teaser info: The real deal on Scott Games

We are releasing that Scott Cawthon is going to make all of the animotronics into brand new versions of themselves or in this case plushies. In my opinion I think the Foxy one indicates that the 4 original animotronics are going to be plushies! I wonder what The Marionette will have eyes, creppy...

Teaser 1) The Thank you teaser info: Well isn't this some thing!

Just found out that Scott caution is going t be always be updating his web site to add in new versions of the animoronics! What will be next? To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if Bonnie will be next to be a new version, (If you know what I mean). Anyways Evan though this off topic of what I am saying I would like to shed some light on the chest in the FNAF 4 Night 7 completion. So inside is a code and it says DEEP 9 or deep 9. And if you some how decode it or whatever your awesome brains think, you will unlock Night 9! There is a video online where a FNAF fan is playing Night 9, It's difficult but try it you will be pretty surprised!
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Ha Ha funny right..... (Ahem)*

The bottom pictures show some thing that you probably

Won't forget... There are two incriminating photos you see before you!

*It's true people get hyped when at 6:00 on any FNaF Franchse game!

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Theory 2) Behold the alternative ending of FNaF 4!

As you can see here, that this is a mini game that is really hard to find in the game. I wish I could tell you all but sadly I do not know how to unlock it. Any ways that in the first picture that you see before you is that the foxy child brother is crying for his younger brother because of the bite of 87 or is it 83? Now in the second picture it shows him dead and the foxy child is still crying the Fread Bear poster is crying and the purple man AKA Scott Cawthon is holding the phone in the air apparently, My theory is that the purple man witnessed his young son get chomped by Fread Bear and that he saw his older son with his "goons". Maybe that's why the purple man went on a rampage and lurked those kids in the room to give them a new feature on the franchise. Now only one question remains. Is the brother feeling guilt and is starting to posses nightmares in the games? I guess we will find out soon or unless we already know. However you may and I might be deceived for this pictures are probably Fan-edited and fake or it could be real if you beat the 9th night when you unlock the secret chest! (like 1 day after the party...)

Teaser 2) The big one that will change the FNaF franchise!

If you go on and go on FNaF 4 news and read the post from Scott you will relies that the new game coming out for Five Nights at Freddy's is FNaF world! It will use every single character from the game! I promise I will get more intel on that later. Sadly the FNaF story is complete and Scott says he will release a free demo later than expected for FNaF 4.
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Teaser 3) Another update on Scott Games: FNaF World?!

As you see here a lot has changed on the website like Ballon Girl is now revealing herself with a golden and silver button! Toy Bonnie has decreased herself and is pretty small if you ask me. Any ways there are two mangles in the picture withered and non-withered! Not to mention that Toy Chica has de-sized to! And of course the withered Bonnie is now a plush like FNAF 1 Foxy! Then you got your really tiny endoskeleton near Plush-Trap, hmmm, I wonder why... And lastly there is a really small Phantom anomotronic near FNAF 1 Chica! What will be updated next?
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Teaser 4) The final installment of FNaF World!

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FNaF World Comming 2016! No joke!! :)

There is more to be told... FNAF 4 DLC Halloween update

If you read Scott Cawthons latest update on Steam (FNAF 4 Halloween Update #2) Tells you that there will be 2 separate updates! 1) Standard addition like cheat menus and other cool things. 2) Halloween update! New animaoronics and possibly new mini games and defiantly animotronics (never forget that part! That is what makes the game!) Here are his latest teaser images on the bottom!

Halloween update Teaser 1) Jack-o-Bonnie

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Halloween update teaser 2) Nightmare Balloon boy

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Halloween update teaser 3) Nightmare Marrionett

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The halloween update teasers! October 2015

Jack-o-Bonnie, Nightmare Balloon boy and Balloon Girl, and Nightmare Marionette.

My theory is that when you brighten up the Nightmare Marionette picture, the plush Freddy look like Golden Freddy AKA Freadbear. (maybe; maybe not) There is also Nightmare Mangle and Jack-o Chca! I also heard some people have played the Halloween update like famous youtuber Markaplier! And YES, Mangle will change everything! He will send static so you don't hear animotronics roaming in the hall! (Yes. Scott Cawthon has confirmed that Mangle is indeed a man not a woman, it may be deceiving for first time players at this game of haven't even heard of it!

FNaF World update number 2!

Scott Cawthon sadly said on Steam that he removed the game due to the really bad ratings on the game so in this case he is going to make an update 2 because he felt like he has rushed the game and not making the game 3-D or anything like that. Who knows, maybe different game modes and such! Anyways update coming soon and be prepared for a load of awesomeness! :)
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FNaF Book: The silver eyes! (I've read it and it is one suspenseful book!)

I would highly recommend this book because even though it is in the "horror" genre (which I'm not very good with that stuff except for this game and a couple of others!) It is still one heck of a book to read! And yes, It does tell you about the purple man, the pizzeria locations, timeline, etc! So if you ever got some spare time on your hands pick up this one of a kind novel and read it! In other words, Scott Cawthon is currently on another FNaF book as well! Get ready.... :)
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The next teaser????

I will have to transfer to another article due to the amount of pages or how long it is. So the article is called,"Scott Cawthon's Dark Secret! Go ahead and cheek it out and visit to get a lot of views! That would mean so much to me if you could, if not that is all good no pressure whatsoever! Anyways that new teaser from March of 2016 ids on the article and go s=check it out if you want! And as always...

Keep on FNaFing and doing what you love!

P.S.-The artical will be updated for really big teasers eventually!