September 14

Fall Book Fair

Administrative and Leadership Meeting, 9:15 am

Art Club Meeting, 3:45 pm

Volleyball: SRMS vs. East Coweta Middle, 4:45 pm

September 15

Fall Book Fair

CPR/AED Drills

Walkthrough Observations, All Day

Special Education Meeting, 3:45 pm

Yearbook Meeting, 3:45 pm

Football: SRMS vs. Arnall Middle, 5:00 pm

September 16

Fall Book Fair

Progress Reports Issued

Walkthrough Observations, All Day

Student Advisory Meetings, 2:30 pm

SBLT/SIT Meeting (Media Center), 4:00 pm

September 17

Fall Book Fair

Walkthrough Observations, All Day

PTO Meeting, 8:30 am

Dessert Bar for Faculty and Staff, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Yearbook Meeting, 3:45 pm

Volleyball: SRMS at Madras Middle, 4:45 pm

September 18

Fall Book Fair

Walkthrough Observations, All Day

Random Dot E Examinations for Seventh Graders

smokey road middle school's new technology specialist... Brian Bowie

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fall book fair dares students to read

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Alice Montgomery (September 15)

Cheryl Robards (September 18)


  • Use SLDS to Identify Students That Will Need Additional Interventions
  • Be Prepared for Walkthrough Observations (September 14 - September 18)
  • Utilize Online Resources Such As USA Test Prep, Brain Pop, and Study Island


  • Be Sure to Join and Volunteer with PTO
  • Sign Up for Parent Portal
  • Follow Us on Twitter @DrTsWildcats
  • Sign Up for REMIND Text Messages (Text 81010 and Enter Message @srmspar)
  • Visit Our Website Often For Information Regarding Upcoming AdvancED Parent Interviews and Annual Title I Meeting


  • Continue to Strive for Excellence
  • Find an Adult When You Have a Problem or Concern You Can't Handle Alone
  • Celebrate Other Peers' Successes
  • Listen Up for Opportunity to Serve on Principal's Advisory Board