Fusion Now Viable Energy Source

By: Alex Fonseca

Fusion: the Power of the Future

As of today, May 5th 2016, nuclear fusion is now a viable source of energy. This amazing technology has been the result of, my very own, SkyTech Industries who, just yesterday, found a way to safely produce energy via nuclear fusion.

The breakthrough came when our scientist found a way to generate the energy required to start the reaction. Our scientist used a standard fission reaction to start the fusion reaction, they then used this energy to start a fusion reaction. Once the fusion reaction began, our scientist tightly compressed the reaction so as to control and aird in its continuation.

This may not seem that impressive but consider this, fusion is multiple times more powerful than fission and produces no radioactive waste. This means that there are practically no limits on what can be done with the new source of energy.

What is Fusion?

Fusion is the process by which two, typically very small, nuclei are slammed into each other and then combine. This is different from nuclear fission which divides very heavy radioactive particles into smaller lighter atoms. Since the ingredients required for a fusion reaction are not inherently radioactive, no radioactive particles are produced through fusion.

Okay, this is cool, but what is it going to cost me?

The amazing thing about the energy we produce through fusion is that it is surprisingly low cost, far cheaper and more sustainable than fossil fuels. This is due solely to the utterly massive amounts of energy produced in even small fusion reactions. When compared to coal, which may be initially cheaper, fusion can produce more energy than hundreds of thousands of pounds of coal using an amount of hydrogen that could be held in the period at the end of this sentence. With that said, it comes down to this, we can give you far more energy using far less fuel and (in the long run) costing you far less.

Alright, I like this... but would these things even be safe?

Fusion is inherently far safer than fission for one reason it produces non radioactive by-products. Also long s containment methods are keep structurally sound, there WILL be NO saftey issues with any fusion reactor