All About Finland

What Finlands flag looks like!!!!!

Finland's flag is a white background and has a blue cross going down the white background.

There will be a picture of Finland's flag.

What Finlands flag Represents!!!!!

The flag of Finland ("Blue Cross Flag"), dates from the beginning of the 20th century. On a white background, it features a blue Nordic cross, which has originally represented Christianity, although the connection between the flag and religion is tenuous and not necessarily obvious to a Finn looking at the flag.

Counrty Basics

The capital of Finland is Helsinki. Finland is in Europe and Finland is surround Sweden, Norway, Estonia

Finland is a limited goverment!!!!!!

Finland’s economic freedom score is 73.4, making its economy the 19th freest in the 2015 Index. Its score is unchanged from last year, with improvements in labor freedom, fiscal freedom, monetary freedom, and trade freedom counterbalanced by declines in the management of government spending, freedom from corruption, and business freedom. Finland is ranked 9th out of 43 countries in the Europe region, and its overall score is well above the world average. Finland is a Limited Government.

Rule of Law

Property Rights


Limited Government

Government Spending3.6

Fiscal Freedom66.4

Freedom From Corruption 89.0

Regulatory Efficiency

Business Freedom92.6

Labor Freedom54.8

Monetary Freedom79.9

Open Markets

Trade Freedom88.0

Investment Freedom90.0


Languages in Finland

In Finland they have a couple of languages. One of the languages is Swedish and a another one is Finnish.


The religion in Finland is Christian.

Imprts and exports

Exports. In 2013 Finland exported $78.1B, making it the 43rd largest exporter in the world.
  • Imports. In 2013 Finland imported $75B, making it the 42nd largest importer in the world.
  • Similarities and Diffrences Btween Finland and USA

    Finland is in Europe and the USA isn't.

    The GDP in the USA is $16.8 trillion.

    The total population in the USA is 318 Million.

    The area in the USA is 9.16 Million Square Kilometers.

    The unemployment rate in the USA is 7.4%

    The GDP in Finland is $267 billion

    The Total population in Finland is 5.44 Million

    The Area in Finland is 303,815 square kilometers

    And the unemployment rate in Finland is 8.2%

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