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For how long can our actions haunt us?

The news this week has included a number of stories about justice being sought years after actions have been commited. A high profile German investigation into guards at the Auschwitz Camp during WWII has recommended that 30 men, in their 80s and 90s now, ought to be prosecuted for the crimes the commited 70 years ago. In July a Jewish organisation investigating Nazi war criminals, launched a poster campaign in Berlin seeking evidence on such fugitives from justice, with the slogan "Late - but not too late". In the UK a murderer was caught 13 years after the crime thanks to new DNA evidence. Shahidul Ahmed has been jailed for a minimum of 17 years for the murder of Rachel Manning.

So this week we ask people to consider how the actions we choose today can have consequences many years in the future.

It's all about choices...

Each and every day we encourage our students to make the right choices. To make the choices which are going to result in the best outcomes not only in the short term but for the future quality of their lives and those around them. After all you never know when something you did before could come back to haunt you.