Membership of the Senate


  • Must be a US citizen for at least 9 years
  • Must be at least 30 years of age

Term of Office

  • Elections for Senate are held every November of even number years.
  • Sentors begin terms on January 3rd after election.
  • 6 year term and elections are staggered
  • 1/3 of the senators would run for reelection every 2 years
  • if a senators dies or resigns befor ethe end of the term, state legislature may authorize the governor to fill the spot until the next election

Salary & Benefits

  • Are able to pick there own pay.
  • Average pay a year is $174,000 for senator members.

Privileges of Members

  • Free from arrest in ALL cases except " treason, felony, and breach of peace".
  • Cant be sued for anything they say on the House or Senate floor
  • They may judge members' qualifications and decide whether to seat them. may refuse to seat an eleted member by a majority vote.