Theatre Arts Department

Fossil Rapids High School

My Background

I come from a relatively small Texas town near Houston. I received my degree in Theatre Education with Certification from The University of Houston. I have two dogs that I love dearly and mention quite often in class.

I've been involved with theatre from the age of five and have had many teachers and directors along the way who've inspired me me in so many ways. In my classroom I aim to build students that are working individuals. Creating a sense of work ethic and responsibility will encourage creative and engaged students.

Theatre involves several different components: Acting, Set Work, Lighting, Sound, Costumes, Props, Makeup, Stage Managing, Publicity etc. These are just some of the normal avenues that exist in theatre, with many more to choose from as well. With so many different options there is always a place for any student in theatre!

Shows and Class

This class is divided into 7 sections: Theatre Arts 1,2,3,4 and Technical Theatre 2,3,4

Theatre Arts focuses on the more acting/performance side of theatre. We will focus on the history of theatre, acting techniques, directing, playwrighting, elements of performing, and some tech elements that help actors understand the roles within the theatre.

Technical Theatre focuses on the technical side of things in regards to stage performace. Here we will focus on set, lights, sound, costumes, etc.. There is also a large design portion that is to be included in this class as well as theatre history and portfolio process.

Here at Fossil Rapids we aim to host seven shows a year, including U.I.L. One Act Play Contest. It is a requirement that all students participate in the upcoming shows in some way. This will be specified in greater length in the syllabus that will be sent home on the first day.
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Parent Involvement

I'm always looking for new parents to help with our shows and to join our FRHS Theatre Booster Club! The more the marrier! If you have any skills in building things, sewing things, or decorating and would like to partake in helping build the show, please contact me using the information below!

Office Hours/Contact Info

My conference/office hours are from 11:22a to 12:30p Monday through Friday.

Feel free to contact me if you feel concerned in any way.