Religious Privilege

What Religion Has the Biggest Privilege?

What is Religious Privilege?

It's different than other privileges. You can't choose your skin color, or gender, or the class you're born into, but you CAN choose your religion.

Religious privilege has been here for centuries, it it's a topic that will never cease to exist. There will be different religions; therefore there will always be uphill battles dealing with religion.

Why Can't We All just Coexist?

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Our government is predominantly of the Christian faith, and has been for centuries. With this being said it's going to be more challenging to have other religious holidays or traditions voiced and brought to people's attention. The likely hood of receiving a day off from a holiday that is not of the Christian faith will be slim to none. It's been this way for years, and it's going to take even longer to change, if it's going to change at all.