Bone the Dragonslayer

Jeff Smith


Bone is just a regular creature or smurf i dont really know what he is but i know that he has a brain and a body.Maybe you are asking why i said that he has a brain and a body.The reason i said that is because the desicons he does in this books and how he acts.So in the book Bone and his freind and a grandma.Go hiking to go to this one place but in the way they find a dragon,but that dragon is not a regular dragon that shoots flames out of his mouth and flies all over the place this dragon is lazy and freindly wich i think you were not expecting about the dragon.So you will need to find out of what kind of adventures they will do next in the book if you read it so if you do i hope u enjoy it.
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Must read this book!!!!!!!!!

You should read this book because as i said it just makes up your day and its a good book.And if you like adventure books and mystery books this book its just for you.