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Matapeake Elementary School

December, 2022 Newsletter

MES Vision

Our students will graduate with the skills necessary to pursue their professional pathway and be empathetic contributors to society.

MES Mission

The mission of Matapeake Elementary School, in partnership with families and community members, fosters a learning environment to educate and empower students academically, socially, and emotionally to prepare them for career, college and life success.

Principal's Corner

Dear MES families,

Our MES students continue to work hard every single day! We definitely have the best kids ever! They make us smile and truly love coming to work every day! In addition, we are so appreciative of our families for being supportive and involved at EVERY level. Our MES community is so amazing!!

We had an amazing turnout for Grandparent's/Grand Friend's Day! MES had over 500 visitors coming into the classrooms. Thank you to our PTA for arranging refreshments from Tasty Toucan and scheduling volunteers for parking. It was truly a wonderful day.

Progress Reports at the elementary level will look a little different (and greener!) this year in Queen Anne's County. We will be sending 1st trimester report cards home electronically on Friday, December 9th. We anticipate a smooth transition since the upper grades have been using this technology for some time.

Art to Remember orders have been delivered to MES. We will try and send the items home with your child but some may need to come to the school to pick up the orders.

Chorus and Band have continued to work hard and they are looking forward to their concert on December 14th at 6:30 in the gym. The concert will be the same week as our Snowball Express Holiday Shop. The Shop will be open prior to the concert.

STAR Students for the month of November were recognized during lunches on November 21st. Each student was presented with a certificate and had their picture taken, which is posted in the main hallway for the month of December. Please see the November STAR Student names using the link below.

In addition, we have had 6 Positive Referrals in the month of November! Congratulations to our hard working students. Names are listed in the link below.

We wish you a happy and safe Holiday Season. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions! MES is the BEST!! Have an amazing month and I hope you all enjoy time with family during Winter Break!


Carrie L. Mitten, Principal

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Snowball Express Volunteers Needed

MES PTA is looking for volunteers to help our students as they shop, check out at the registers, wrap gifts and more! Please click to see volunteer slots and please contact us at with any questions!

Dr. Saelens & Dr. Sprankle Read to MES

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Grandparent's/Grand Friend's Day 2022

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Grade Level News


Wow! I can't believe it! December is here and the growth our pre-k students have already made so far is amazing! This month we will introduce our last few letters of the alphabet and their sounds and then when we return from break we will begin working on letter formation. In math, we will continue to work on counting, identifying numbers and building sets of numbers. All of our learning will be intertwined with fun activities built around the holidays. Remember, you can support your child's learning at home by having them practice identifying their letter names and sounds using the fun game cards provided during conferences, and by having your child practice counting objects, identifying numbers and counting orally to 30. Everyone is doing a great job working on writing their first names! Keep up the good work!


December is such a fun time in Kindergarten. In reading, we will be reading stories about communities, maps and holiday stories. We will spend some time comparing different gingerbread stories. In math, we will be learning different ways to make 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 to finish unit 2. We will then start unit 3 which will be to name, compare, and build shapes. In science, we will be focused on Engineering/Technology as well as Forces of Nature. Keep an eye out for fun days like Polar Express day and Winter Social from your child’s teacher.

1st Grade

First Grade students are looking forward to a "Trip Around the World" in December. We will read non-fiction texts about various holidays celebrated in December, create artifacts as we learn about different cultures, and learn map skills as we find the many countries discussed. We will finish up Unit 1 in Math with balancing equations and begin talking about teen numbers in Unit 2. The Character Counts Pillar of the Month is "Caring", and first graders will have many opportunities this month to be caring to their classmates and families, by sharing a story or making a gift.

2nd Grade

Second grade is ready for all the magic December brings. We will be celebrating the 12 days of Christmas during our reading block. Each day will have a surprise theme with stories and activities centered around the second grade reading standards. In math, we will continue working through unit two. Students will review adding and subtracting two-digit numbers using a variety of strategies. They will also be introduced to time and money so please send in your child's coin bag. On Friday, December 16th we will have Polar Express Day. This might just be the best memory we make in second grade. Students will be invited to wear their pajamas to school and we will do our best to make sure they feel as though they come as close as possible to being on the train themselves. We will have hot chocolate and treats as we read the book, watch the movie and engage in some fun activities for the special day. We will also be having our winter holiday social on Wednesday, December 21st at 2:00 pm. Mrs. Pease's class will be hosting which means they will be supplying all of the food and drinks. Parents are welcome to join us for the celebration. We wish everyone a happy holiday season!

3rd Grade

We are so excited to be moving into the next trimester. The 3rd-grade team is really impressed with all the progress our students have already made. In December the students will continue to build their fluency in single-digit multiplication. We will be focusing on the commutative and associative properties and using place value knowledge to multiply numbers by multiples of ten. During our reading block, we will be learning a variety of skills with holiday lessons that look at celebrations around the world. In social studies, we are continuing our economics unit. Students will be challenged to create their own mock business plans. Finally, in science, we will be exploring forces through magnets. This is always something that students really love and always spurs a lot of creativity and great questions.

4th Grade

This month, 4th grade students will begin working on a writing portfolio project! They will be completing an opinion piece about which animals have superior adaptations for survival. Their writing will be based on research they completed in their reading class. In math, students will begin learning how to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers. In Science, the students will begin to learn all about energy. We will study different types of energy and how it can be transferred. In social studies, students will finish up their learning about the 3 different regions of Maryland. They will then move onto learning about the Paleo and Archaic peoples who were the first to live in the Maryland area and compare their lifestyle/climate/etc. as time went on. This will then lead us to study the woodland Native Americans of this area as well.

5th Grade

The fifth graders at MES will be managing their holiday energy by keeping busy and engaging in fun, hands-on activities! In reading and writing, students will become ‘actors’ as we read and analyze plays together. In Math, students will use their understanding of place value to add and subtract decimals and fractions. In Science, they will continue to switch classes each afternoon and learn about Life, Space, Earth or Physical Science from a teacher who specializes in that content area. In History, students will continue to learn about English colonization of the Americas as we begin to learn about the exciting events that led up to the American Revolution. Throughout December our FLEX classes will continue to hone in on specific content areas, exercising essential skills in engaging ways. Don’t miss the 5th grade band performance for our Winter Concert on December 14th at 6:30 p.m.

Feed a Family Food Drive

Our 4th graders conducted a Food Drive for the first two weeks of November for their Service Learning Project. Matapeake Elementary collected 1400 items to feed local families.
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Dates to Remember

December 2, 2022

Early Dismissal 1:00pm

End of 1st Trimester

KIHS Varsity Football State Championship Game

December 7, 2022

Fire Drill (weather permitting)

December 8, 2022

Mr. Saboury's Critical Incident Simulator & Stress Inoculation Training for Staff

December 9, 2022

1st trimester progress reports sent home electronically

December 12-16, 2022

Snowball Express Holiday Shop - students will visit during their Computer Lab time and have the opportunity to shop for small gifts for their families and friends. They are so proud to make their own holiday purchases! Check with the PTA if you would like to volunteer.

December 14, 2022

Choir/Band Winter Performance 6:30p in the gym

Snowball Express Holiday Shop will be open for shopping prior to the performance.

December 16, 2022

Wreaths Across America - MES Students will help send off the trucks carrying the wreaths. Please be sure your student is dressed for the weather that day as we will be outdoors.

December 19, 2022

Star Student Awards during lunches

December 21, 2022

Class Parties (2nd Grade, 4th Grade)

December 22, 2022

MES Sing-a-Long 9:30am

Class Parties (PreK/K, 1st Grade, 3rd Grade, 5th Grade )

1:00 Dismissal

December 23 - January 1

Schools Closed - Winter Break

January 2, 2023

School Resumes Session

Student Government Association (SGA) News

We had many fifth graders run for office this past month and the competition was fierce. We are very proud of all of our candidates. The following students were elected to office:

President- Bella Fisher

Vice President- Grayson Atkins

Secretary- Hudson Rampmeyer

Thanking our Veterans

Donations for our Active Duty Military & First Responders

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Donations to Veteran Hospitals/Homes

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Donations for Christmas Angels Needed

Please send in donations of any of the following until December 9th: 3-in-1 bodywash for men or women, baby shampoo, baby toothpaste and baby bubble bath.

Volunteer Training

Be sure to complete this training and provide the office with your driver's license prior to any large event. It will save you time from standing in long lines. All visitors to our school must have their drivers' license scanned prior to entry.

Ms. Osborne's Reading Corner

With the holidays near, you can help encourage your child to read and write while not in school. Reading to and with your child is an easy way to continue the excitement of reading. Encourage your child to write thank you letters or reach out to family or friends. Read and follow recipes together for your favorite cookies. You can also play audio books in the car while driving. All of these are ways to embed reading and writing into your daily life during the holidays! Feel free to reach out for book suggestions or other ideas.

Mrs. Herold's Math Corner

December is here! The kids at MES are showing so much growth with their mathematics each day. In addition to daily instruction from their fabulous teachers, students are getting individualized practice when they work on their virtual i-Ready My Path at school.

With the holiday season upon us, we definitely want to keep children's math facts fluent even over holiday breaks. So play mental math-counting games in the car, math war at restaurants, or have a math family game night so the efficiency and accuracy doesn't slow down. Here are some ideas for how to infuse math in your daily life over these exciting weeks of December:

  • Cooking and baking: Bring your child into the kitchen with you to prepare your family’s favorite holiday treats! Read recipes aloud together which will familiarize young learners with fractions and units of measurement. You can even cook up this Mathnasium Sugar Cookie recipe together!

  • Playing games: Playing games is a great way to experience math in a fun environment and practice a variety of math skills and strategy. Have family game nights or play mental math games in the car.

  • Gift shopping: Set a shopping budget and ask your child to help you find gifts that fit within the budget.

  • Planning travel: Traveling to visit family and friends provides a great opportunity to include your children in on the planning. Have them help make a schedule, plan a route on a map, and even help make the transportation decisions for the most efficient way to travel.

  • Decorating and holiday crafts: Get the family together to make paper snowflakes and explore symmetry. Students can use measurement and estimation to get a sense of how many decorations you need.

Mrs. Moller's Counselor's Corner

Knowing Our Triggers

We are always responsible for how we act, regardless of how we feel at the moment. This is one of the main themes that runs through many of the lessons in the Zones of Regulation curriculum. It is very important to recognize things that are upsetting to us. These "triggers" are very manageable if we make an effort to learn the strategies that help keep us in the green zone. It is very helpful to have an easily accessible toolbox of strategies to refer to when needed. Among the strategies in the toolbox are: exercise, take a break, journal, listen to music, talk to a friend or trusted adult, deep breathe, walk, and positive self-talk. Always keep in mind that our triggers may get the best of us at times, but working on our strategies will surely help!

Mrs. Francis' Art Corner

In art, students will explore the big idea of "Artists Imagine." Students will explore their imagination while using materials and tools responsibly in the art room. They will use drawing, painting and collage processes to incorporate personal ideas into their artwork while using a variety of materials and techniques.

Kindergarten through second grade students are learning how artists explore their imagination by experimenting with a variety of materials and tools to create a personal work of art.

Third through fifth grade students are exploring how artists challenge their imagination and materials by using a variety of methods for approaching their artwork. Students will be able to apply problem solving techniques in the art-making methods.

Mr. Buie's Music Corner

It has been an exciting month in music, but we still managed to carve out time for Thanksgiving activities. Kindergarten students have started learning about expression, while 1-2 students have started learning how to write their own music. 3rd grade students have been working on reading the staff and 4th grade students have become experts at syncopated rhythms. 5th grade general music students have started exploring music theory, while our 5th grade band prepares for our concert December 14th at 6:30.

Ms. Dailey's Computer Lab Corner

As always, thanks for sharing your amazing students with me. MES participated in a Veterans Day service learning project that took over 200+ cards, letters and drawings of “thanks” to the American Legion Post 278 to serve as placemats for the meals served. Also, in November students spent 2 weeks on digital citizenship, and a week on American Education Week, typing poetry about MES or what they would do if they were the Principal. Mrs. Mitten read every one!

For December, students in the computer lab will learn about various holidays, Wreaths Across America and continue their keyboarding/typing skills.

Mr. Ensor's PE Corner

I hope that everyone had a healthy and relaxing Thanksgiving. Over the next couple weeks leading into the Holiday, PE classes will be finishing with our throwing unit and playing some fun Holiday games. Remember to keep washing hands and eating a balanced diet to hold off the winter sniffles!

Mrs. Clow's Media Corner

Congratulations to our Conflict Resolution Bookmark Award winners! Hanson Brohawn scored an Honorable Mention in the Kindergarten-2nd Grade Division and Kallage Johnson received 1st Place in the same division! Both students and their families have been invited to a ceremony in Annapolis to celebrate their win!



Snacks will be sold EVERY Friday in the cafeteria!

Students will have the opportunity to purchase a snack on Fridays. Please make sure your child has money on their account and/or with them in order to purchase the treat.

Cookies; Milk - $0.50 ea.

Cheez-Its; Goldfish; Fruit Snacks - $0.75 ea.

Chips; Rice Krispie treats - $1.00 ea.


Arrival & Dismissal Reminder

If you are picking your child up at the end of the day, PLEASE DO NOT drive into the bus loop area. If you have a family member that is picking up your child for the first time and is not sure, please be sure to share they should not pull into the bus loop. We thank you for keeping everyone safe.


AlphaBest - Before/After Care at MES

Matapeake Elementary School


Hours: 6:30-9:00 am and 3:45-6:00 pm

Pricing per week per child:

3 Day Package

3 days AM and PM $68

3 days AM OR PM $54

5 Day Package

5 days AM and PM $98

5 days AM OR PM $68


PTA News

Parent Teacher Association

Art to Remember

The orders are scheduled to be delivered to the school in early December. Artwork will be sent home with students. If you have not ordered, there is still time to place orders for home delivery.

Restaurant Nights

The PTA is coordinating with local restaurants, Sweet Frog and Five Guys, to raise money for MES. Please join us and show your support!

Season of Giving

The PTA is partnering with Haven Ministries to help those in need this holiday season. Our Giving Trees will be set in each grade cluster to collect items. Donations will be accepted December 6-17th.


Thank you to all those who joined the PTA. Joining is not limited to the membership drive. You can join at anytime. All are welcome!

MES PTA Officers



Amber Bowles


1st Vice President

Jennifer Parks


2nd Vice President

Veronica Beck



Heather Sowells



Julia Connelly


Teacher Liaison

Brayden Buie