Remote Learners in Grades 3-5

Elementary Update

April 12th-April 26th

Remote learners in grades 3-5 will continue to connect virtually with their teachers following the same early dismissal schedule from April 12 - 23. Beginning April 26, the allotted time for live instruction will increase when we transition to a full day schedule.

Live Instruction - Beginning with the full day, in-person schedule

As we transition to full days on April 26, the following time guidelines will be used for live instruction:

· ELA - Minimum of 90 minutes

· Math – Minimum of 45 minutes

· Social Studies – Minimum of 45 minutes

The 2.5 hour maximum of live instruction per day will no longer be in effect.

As the length of our day changes, students can expect to receive the links and revised times from their classroom teacher(s) , so we appreciate your attention to this correspondence. You should be receiving this information the week prior to April 26. Starting April 26th, remote students will have a break from instruction during lunch and special times. Remote students are expected to attend all live instruction sessions throughout the day.

Virtual Etiquette

Kindly refer to our September newsletter outlining expectations of virtual synchronous instruction (see the link below). Although students will continue to connect with the class remotely, the online platform is still considered a classroom. Students will need a quiet place to work and participate in the instruction. Parents/guardians are reminded to ask questions outside of the live session via an email or phone call, as not to interfere with the instruction taking place. We thank you in advance for your consideration. Our goal is to make this a rewarding and educational experience for all learners.


All remote students will continue to complete one asynchronous special area class following the schedule below.

  • Monday - Art
  • Tuesday - Music
  • Wednesday - Physical Education
  • Thursday - Digital Literacy
  • Friday - Library

Students will continue to access the special area teacher's Schoology page to obtain and/or submit work.

Spanish lessons will remain asynchronous and will be completed bi-weekly.

Remote Pick Up Days

As we begin to close the third marking period, each school will be establishing a remote student pick-up day for new materials. Please stay tuned for this schedule.