Week of 9/19/16 Admin Information

Next meeting: Thursday, September 22nd @ Phx Office


Thursday, September 22nd - 10AM - 4PM

Phoenix Office Conference Room

Alan Eldridge, Central Region HR Business Partner, will be joining us to present on HR-related items, including performance coaching and employee improvement processes.

PD on 9/30

Principals, all time at the 9/30 PD is yours. There will not be any whole-school updates/presentations, nor will anyone be coming into your rooms to present to your teams (unless you have requested someone). We will hold true to the plan we came up with this summer to protect your time with your team.

AzMERIT scores for new students

ADE has informed us that scores for students who have taken AzMERIT tests while enrolled at a different school will eventually become available to us; however, they have not provided an ETA for when this will be available.

Nichole will keep everyone updated as more information is shared regarding this.

Week 7 Withdrawals

K5 - 35

MS - 28

HS - 25

ISAZ HS - 25


TOTAL - 150 (last year total was 99 in week 7)

Updated Office Duties Chart

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Updates & Reminders


-Bouchra is our new admin note taker. During virtual calls, please send Bouchra a Lync message to be captured for attendance. Thank you, Bouchra, for volunteering to assist with this!!


-All admin that had Lyndsey as their training manager in K12 Training should change their training manager to be Sarah. We aren't actually changing the supervisor for you - it's just the K12 Training manager.

-All checks are cut every other Wednesday. (last cut 9/7, next cut 9/21 - after they are cut, I need to sign which typically occurs within 1-2 days (unless I am traveling). They are mailed after that.

-Please be sure to have your staff update the contact lists on the AZVA/ISAZ SharePoint pages.

-Staff IDs: Please share this link with your team. New IDs for new staff as well as reprints for IDs for lost badges can be ordered through this link. All new teachers (who have completed this form by Sunday night) will have their ID brought to PD this week. https://form.jotform.com/62017467284155

-Use this link to submit requests for Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Oracle vendor setup: https://form.jotform.com/62007807394154

Important Dates & Information

-September 22nd: In-person admin meeting. Alan (HR) will be here to work with us on performance management and HR practices.

-In-person Special Education PD - September 29th

-In-person PD: September 30th

-Meet the Teacher night is planned for 9/30 after in-person PD.

-Kelly out of the office October 10-14 (vacation)

Teacher Pulse Check Survey Dates

10/17, 1/23, 3/13