Kyli Minnihan


Kyli’s Autobiography

                        Some know me, some don’t, but in case you don’t know me my name is Kyli Minnihan, I’m 11 years old. My parents name is Cyndi Minnihan and Bryan Sividon. I have a little sister named Izzabelle Sividon, and my older sister is Briauna Macari. My family has six animals, a blue pit named Lulu,  and a mix that’s a rot, and lab named Kratos, a boxer named Zoë, a cat named Billy Holiday (it’s a girl), a horse named Zoë (Chapter 11 is also her name), another horse named Madonna. I play soccer for an elite soccer team named Sting my head coach is Lesley Moss, I’ve played soccer for six years and I’ve played softball for two years. Some people call me Ky but I go by Kyli.