Character Texturing & Rendering

By: Alex Cowell

Base Mesh Renders

Pre-Visualization Playblast

I decided to present my character like this because it just seems like the easiest way to show the details and the whole model without making anyone too dizzy. I think a simple turn around shows everything that's needed. Though I may change it when it comes to the final render, depending on how everything pans out.
Previz CharacterrTexture

Color Pallet

Since it's close to Christmas, I'm going to go for a more festive scene. So I want the reds and greens to pop and stand out against the darker colors and the characters paler skin which I plan to make a bit flush like she had just come back in from the cold.
Big image

Texture Examples

Final Render



This has been quite the project, and I feel like I would have had so much more fun with it if maya hadn't kept screwing me over. The textures would keep disappearing, it would be super laggy for no reason and it made this almost impossible to get cool camera angles so I just worked with what I could manage to get.

In the end I went with a mix of both day and sunset lighting to get an inviting winter day. Sure some things didn't turn out like I wanted, but in the end I'm sort of proud with how it turned out. I kind of hope we do this again, despite all the technical errors.

Though due to these technical errors I found myself unable to go in and fix my scene.