Assessments for students

Established goals for learning environment.

Why I agree with Lopez on "Assessments is not about you as a teacher, it is about students".

Assessments are done for a reason to help students reach a goal and it gives teacher an idea how to plan for struggling students. When I had worked at Head Start, I would do most of my assessments within the month my students enrolled. One of the assessment that was required for students for testing was "Get Ready to Read". I would do this testing three times within the year. I always seen a growth during the second time that I tested my students, so I would my lesson plans accordingly by the results of these assessments.
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"Defending our Assessment Practices"

Assessment targets skills and strategies for all students. It gives teachers a framework for planning and delivering lessons that students need to learn.

My partner in assessment

I had succeeded in making my students my partner in assessments because my classroom environments was always pleasant, and I may my children feel safe and important.
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