Stock Analysis

MarketWatch Project

Overall Gain/Loss & Stock Purchasing Strategy

I decided to purchase stock that seemed like they were on the rise as well as stock that interested me financially. In the end however, i had a loss of

-$8,129.78 therefore placing me in 16th place.

Money Makers & Losers

My biggest money maker was Netflix, which i made $6335 off of. My biggest money loser on the other had was Genworth Financial, where i lost $8960.87.


Each stock tended to either stay consistently positive or consistently negative throughout the game. The only exception was Regal Entertainment which was up most of the game then took a hit and dropped midway through the game.

Resources Used and What i Learned

I didn't use any resources, i just bought stock that seemed interesting to me. I learned however that massive research must be taken place before actually buying stock in the real world. Its important to find stock that interests you, but at the same time, must be a positive stock to buy by looking at trends within past years and present activities.