6 Traits of writing

Jalen McNeal

1. Ideas

Excellent writing has a clear message, purpose, or focus. The writing contains plenty of specific ideas and details.

2. Organization

Effective writing has a clear beginning, middle, and ending. The overall writing is well organized and easy to follow along.

3. Voice

The best writing reveals the writers voice-his or her special way of saying things.

4. Word Choice

Good writing contains strong words including nouns and verbs. Make sure the words fit the audience and deliver a clear message. Also use a thesaurus!

5. Sentence Fluency

Effective writing flows smoothly from one sentence to the next. Sentences vary in length and begin in a variety of ways.

6. Conventions

Good writing is carefully edited to make sure it is easy to understand. The writing follows the rules for punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

Six Traits of Writing for Stick People