Six Impossible Things

Ms Bedggood's year 8 Andrew Hosking


In English we are studying a book called Six Impossible Things and the main character has his own list that he writes. This is my list.

The impossible LIst

1. Get better at public speaking and school work.

2. To get into a good university and get a good job.

3.Become a millionaire\billionaire

4.Own a mansion that has over 50 rooms to accommodate my friends and family if needed and it would contain a huge go-karting track and a paintball arena.

5. Become the president of Collingwood Football Club.

6. Get into the Australian SAS if I don't get a job.

Why I Chose These

So I would get a good job because all my impossible things are based around money except for being in the Australian SAS. I had that there in case I don't get The best job.Even if I get a good job it would be a fun challenge.