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Marcy Smith Machine

Marcy Smith Machine

So the other day I decided to head into one of the big box stores as I was looking to purchase a Marcy Smith Machine. The store seem to have a pretty good price so I bought it.

Few weeks later i was talking to a good friend that had recently bought the same Marcy Smith Machine as me and was SHOCKED at the price he got. See his price here. I was a little upset for sure. So I tried returning it and the store had a 30 day return policy and I was at like day 32. Live an lean I guess! Still not happy about it though..UGH

Lot of Smith Machine Info Below

Lifting heavy weights without spotters around is dangerous. It is a fact that you need them, but wouldn't it be more fun if you were able to do it alone? I guess the answer is yes, why? Because spotters might not be available when you really have the morale. What if you can hire a permanent unpaid spotter?

What if safety isn't an issue anymore? If you still think that this is a dream then, you haven't heard of the smith machine. Designed for safety and maximum muscular development, the smith machine is among the best fitness machines, especially when you are looking to achieve a serious muscle building workout.


If you are familiar with barbells, then you must be aware of the dangers of losing stability especially while lifting heavy weights. The marcy smith machine eliminates that risk. Apart from being used for weight training, it is designed to ensure stability by minimizing movements. It tries to keep you in a vertical position by allowing a smaller fraction of forward and backward movements.

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It also comes with a weight rack to ensure stability. When it comes to do it yourself muscle building workouts then smith machine might be your solution. It is however realized that most people who aren't familiar with this machine complain about the limited range of motion. The main problem here is having no idea how smith machine actually works and what sorts of exercises it is designed for. To be able to eliminate such misconceptions let us look at some of the best ways to use it.


Manufacturers of Marcy smith machine targeted to solve limited space problem when it comes to establishing home gyms. This machine is actually designed for exercises that actually require a very short range of motion meant to build specific muscles. It was also designed to reduce chances of accidents while lifting heavy weights by minimizing the range of motion. To be able to picture what I mean, let us take a look at some of the best workouts you can achieve with the smith machine.

*Calf raises - Stability proves to be a challenging factor when doing standing calf raises, especially when dealing with heavy weights. Smith machine allows you to focus on building your calf muscles by keeping you in a vertical position, hence the stability.

* Bench press - If you are familiar with spotters then you might be aware that they are very useful when it comes to bench press, why? To prevent chances of the barbell falling back on your chest after a maximum number of reps.This is what smith machine is designed for. With smith machine, you don't need to worry about spotters not being around.

* Shoulder Press

This is also a workout that requires a spotter for safety and balance. For the better shoulder press, the movement should be kept in a vertical position. With the smith machine, you don't have to worry about balance as it will do just that.

*Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks are one of the best workouts meant for glutes. It might be hard when you have nothing put in place to keep your foot moving in a vertical extension until you achieve full extension of your legs. This is where smith machine comes in handy. You just need to add the bench into the equation. Put the bench inside the machine, get onto the bench with both your knees and hands on the bench then raise your leg just like the donkey kicks until it is fully extended.

There are more than enough exercises you can do with the smith machine. What you need to remember is to choose a workout that requires a short but effective range of motion.

Critiques will always be there and not all feedback will always be positive. What you must keep in mind is that if the positives override the negatives then, the machine is worth buying. Smith machines are among the best home gyms recommended by experts worldwide. It is however challenging to have the right one when you rely more on the price rather than the specs, feedback and quality.

To be able to have the right machine, you should do research to ensure you get exactly what you need. You should look into places where you can find a variety of machines its type, access customers reviews both positive and negative and also be able to know how the overall rating of the machine. If you are looking eliminate stress involved in finding the right machine then my answer would be


SAFETY - Compared to other sites, amazon is safer since you can use PayPal instead of your credit card. Most sites have no PayPal option putting your credit card at risk of theft.

LOW PRICES - Amazon is among the few sites you can purchase either new or used items. Due to this you can find a smith machine at a lower price that its actual retail price.

CONVENIENT - Amazon is also one of the most convenient sites when it comes to buying products. You can get a smith machine without even getting out your door. What you need to have is amazon account, make your purchase and leave the rest of the work for amazon.

FEEDBACK AND REVIEWS - Smith machine comes with different designs and prices. It is easier to avoid buying the wrong thing by just having access to most of the customer’s reviews in amazon. Compared to other sites, amazon is one out of many sites where you can find genuine customers feedback.

Marcy Smith machine is among the best weight lifting machines when it comes to safety. Despite limiting your horizontal range of motion, smith machine ensure that the specific muscle you are targeting to build gets the workout it requires. It keeps the movement vertical to ensure you are balanced and this is one of the benefits most of its users don't understand.

The good news is that you don't have to rely on what anyone is just saying. There is a place you can find more than the information you need, buy the right smith machine at a right price and at your own convenient time. That is amazon.

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