Information that you should know!

Causes of Hurricanes

There have been trees being knocked over,being in top of houses,houses being destroyed and people being killed and even injured.

What to do when there's an Hurricane happening

Things to do!

-Cover all windows.

-Have food in case of power outs.

-Have flashlights in case of power outs.

-Have things to drink.

-Stay indoors at all times.

-Have back up batteries.

Things not to do during a Hurricane!

-Go outside

-Don't stand by glass

-Don't be near windows.

How Do Hurricanes Form!

How they form!

They form by a lot of storms that combine together. Then winds crash into each other making the storm to spin and move.

Where do they happen!

Hurricanes mostly form in the ocean and then end up hitting land.

How often does it Happen!

This happens anytime but they usually happen in the summer time.