My Father, A Hero


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My hero

Have you known anyone that has worked with over one thousand mice? My father worked at a science lab for a part of his life where he worked with mice. However, the long hours of work were too much for him as soon as he had a family. He then became a biology professor at Loyola University. He has been teaching there for the last 5 years.

How I Define a Hero

When you hear the word hero, you're probably thinking of a man in a red cape, flying around and saving people from burning buildings. Or, perhaps, you are even thinking of a sandwich. However, a hero is admired, yes, but not necessarily for acts of bravery. According to Dr. Philip Zimbardo, most acts of heroism occur in urban areas, where there are more people. Heros are that close to you! A hero is someone who is admired for being knowledgeable and inspiring.

A hero is a man who shares his knowledge with others. Imagine a man who knows so much, that they want to share it with those around him. No, they don't have to be as smart as Albert Einstein, but they could be knowledgable. Imagine, a man who just finished school, at the top of his class. Consider, he wants to share his knowledge with others through teaching, and plans to continue teaching for a great deal of his life. Would you consider this man a hero? He will ensure that a many people are well educated, and they will admire him for that. A man who provides knowledge to a thousands of others, is a hero.

A hero is someone who is inspiring. A man that goes to work everyday, and manages his work, his children’s homework, and his family is a hero. He talks to his children when he comes home from work everyday and tells his kids all about his day. He explains to them new aspects of information, beyond what they're learning in school. This man is inspiring because he can balance his busy life, and still explain things to his kids. He inspires them to get through the school week. And he inspires them by having fun. This is an example of a hero who is inspiring.

My personal hero is my father. He is a perfect example of how I define a hero because he is knowledgeable and inspiring. The two stories early where about my father, because he matches my hero definition. That is my father is so special to me, he is knowledgeable and inspiring, my hero.

I chose to make a website about grandfather clocks because my great grandfather worked on clocks. When my dad would go to his house, he would love seeing the gadgets he had. My great grandpa made a grandfather clock for him, and it is currently in our house. Also, the clocks interest me because my job is to wind up the grandfather clock every few days. I have always wondered what was inside of these amazing creations.