get a job in high school

If you get a job in high school you can have extra money to do what you want with it.

benifets of not having a job

You can have more free time.

Your parents could give you money.

You wouldn't have to work.

having a job in high school

You could have extra money.

You don't have to ask your parents for money.

You could save up for college if you are going to college.

You can buy things you want.

You wouldn't be sitting around all day it would give you something to do.

When you need money you already have it.

Get a job you enjoy and you could have fun working.

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Don't be lazy. Get a job in high school. If you want to go to college it's a good way to save money for college if you have a job.

if you don't want to go to college, then you can always save up for a car or even save up money for your own place for when your ready to move out. You will have money for your own use. Now you wouldn't have to go to your parents for money when you need it. You have a job and you can say you are responsible now. You will also be ready for when your finished high school. You will be experienced and you have an idea for what you want do when you grow up.