A Mathy Mailer

An Introduction and Overview

Happy New School Year

Hi there! My name is Brandi Anderson and I will be your child's math teacher this year. I'm originally from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and am entering my 9th year teaching full time. Originally I went to graduate school at THE Ohio State University and majored in Animal Nutrition. I was going to make my own dog food and be the next big thing in the business. However, I quickly changed my mind when I found out (1) I didn't like the program too much and (2) that I really loved teaching. As a result of these discoveries, I dropped out of that program, became an over the road driver, retail sales person and promotional brand ambassador and began work on a Masters degree in Education. I've taught every grade from pre-school to undergraduate statistics courses, and most of my experience has centered around math and science subjects.

Some information about me based on questions students asked in their "Get to Know Me" surveys

What Else Do You Do?

Outside of regular Math Teacher duties at Appoquinimink High School, I'm also the Head Volleyball Coach at the school and also coach club volleyball with Club Delaware in the off season. Additionally, I tutor kids in my free time in a variety of subjects. Sometimes these are kids who are out on Homebound and other times just kids who need extra help with their studies or preparation for the SATs.

Homework in Class

You always have homework, even if it hasn't been specifically assigned on a certain day. When that happens your job is to re-read your notes, complete practice problems or to re-read a chapter. Students should get into the habit of reviewing learned material, or previewing upcoming material to better prepare themselves for college, or if that seems like a long ways away, constantly reviewing material in this way will help when it comes to studying for tests and quizzes. It seems like a pain and a waste of time, but building this habit will help you in life both in and outside of school in the long run.

Fancy Things in Class

I've always enjoyed group learning from a teacher perspective even though I didn't always prefer it from a student perspective when I was younger. In this class there will be the opportunity for both and the use of technology to complete such will be strongly encouraged, although not required, but STRONGLY encouraged. Although these methods aren't the end all and be all of presenting, here are a few techy suggestions for your consideration: Glogster, Prezi, PowerPoint, Slate, Smore, YouTube, Photo Story, Animoto or anything else you can find suitable!

How to put yourself in the best possible situation for class

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Subscribe to my Remind updates for your specific class, either AP Stats or Integrated 1. Please pick the right class. For the most part the information posted will answer questions such as:

  • What was the homework?
  • Does my child have homework?
  • When is the homework due?
  • Is there homework tonight?
  • Is there a major assignment being completed in class that requires work and effort in a home environment?

See a theme?

You can find directions in a .pdf on the appohigh.org website under my homepage for becoming part of the Remind group list. It shows up through your phone or email just like a text message or email would. You get notified immediately after I hit "send".

2 Truths and a Lie: Which thing below is not true?

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns. I respond fastest to email. You can reach me by also calling the school and asking for or dialing extension 2116 and leaving a message on the voice mail.