The Counselor's Corner

Soaring to Success with the School Counselor!

Welcome New Families!

Welcome to St. Timothy School! We are very excited to have you and your children as part of our community. Moving to a new school can be challenging for children, particularly if they are older and spent a good amount of time in their previous school. Here are some things you can do before school begins and during the first few weeks to help your children cope with the transition:

  • Spend some time exploring our website with your child. Look at the pictures of our events and activities and talk about what your child would like to do as part of the STS community. (

  • Your child may have specific questions about different situations like “What if no one talks to me?" or "What if I don’t have anyone to play with on the playground?” It is important to discuss these questions and explore their concerns. It is ok for them to be upset, worried, or angry. Give them an opportunity to express these feelings without judgment.

  • After they have expressed their feelings, help them identify positive steps for dealing with these first day jitters. Practice how to meet new people, how to join a game on the playground, or strike up a conversation at lunch. Children who have practiced these social skills will feel more confident and able to deal with difficult situations.

  • Teach your children stress management skills for when they feel nervous or upset:
    -Positive thinking: thinking positive affirmations (I can make friends!)
    -Positive visualization: picturing happy, good events in their head (i.e., playing a fun game at recess)

  • It may be helpful for your child to stay in contact with old friends through email, messaging, or phone calls.

  • Make the 1st day of school special: Consider taking the morning off work so you can have breakfast together and be present for them to ease any worries or concerns they may have.

As the counselor at St. Timothy's, I am here to help parents and students with the normal, developmental changes that occur during the elementary and middle school years as well as more difficult life transitions. To learn more about the counseling program, please see this digital newsletter detailing how the counseling program can help you and your children have a great school year! You an also visit my website for more information as well as helpful books and and links for new students and families.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns via email at I look forward to meeting you and your children!

Hello Students! You are invited to our Welcome Lunch Bunches!

In order to help your children familiarize themselves with the school and meet some classmates, I would like to invite them to join me for a special “lunch bunch” during the second/third week of school. Some of their classmates will join us well! While we eat lunch, the kids will have the opportunity to get to know each other, ask questions, and, learn more about St. Timothy's . It is my hope that this lunch bunch will give them an opportunity to get to know their classmates better, address any concerns they may have and help them feel more a part of our school community. Please note: At this time, the lunch bunches are offered for students in grade 1st-8th ONLY. The preschool and kindergarten teachers have many fun activities planned to help your children transition!

To sign up for our lunch bunch, please use one of the following methods:

1. Online Form.Please click here to enter your request online. After submitting the online form, your request will be sent directly to the counselor. This form must be submitted by Tuesday, Sept. 8.

2. Printable Form: Please click here for a printable form. Please return this form to the counselor by Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Thank you!