Gender and Society

Cristina Milla

Women know your limits

What do you think about the video?

In my opinion, this video is very sexist because a woman can't give her opinion about politics and also, the video say that men learn faster than women but I think that a women has rights and they have to be accepted.

Fortunately, this type of boys are changing and now men are less sexist. Alhough this mentality sometimes is in our society because we can't change it in two days.

Nowadays, the rights of the women are accepted and women can be whatever she wants.

Women: Know Your Limits! Harry Enfield - BBC comedy

Child's Junior MasterChef

What's your opinion about Victor's remarks?

I believe that it is a bad comment but the boy said that because he learned from his parents.

I think that this attitude reflects our society because the majority of the boys think like this but this is because they hear comments at their houses and they think that it's good so they say to girls but they are only young boys who are learning about life.

Also, his mother said that in their house are not sexist but a 12 years old boy only can say a comment like that if he hear this in his house and this is not an excuse.

Change the a problem in the world

How would you do it?

If I could change a problem in the world it will be the difference of money between rich people and poor people.

I would fix the same salary to everyone in the world and in every country and if someone have more salary, she or he will return it to the bank and if someone has less salary, the bank will give to she or he the necessary.

I think that if everybody have the same salary and the same money the world will be better because the reason of poverty, crisis or wars are the difference of money between the people.

You can't be a princess

How would you have reacted in the same situation?

I think that I would have reacted like the mothers of the video because people have assigned me this gender stereotypes.

Nevertheless, at the end I would say to the mum of the child that her son or daugther can dress like a princess or superheroe because I would get that if he or she want to be that she or he can be that because I am not anyone to sat something about this.

Nowadays a lot of children are in this situations: boys want to be princess and girls want to be superheroes but they can't be this because society will speak bad about it and this a thing that we have to change.

In the future, if my child want to be something that isn't in the stereotypes of the society I will say "C'mon honey! You can be whatever you want'.

'You Can't Be a Princess': WWYD?


In the first image we can see that women are good at multitasking and boys have a single focus that's because the society always says that men only can do one thing while women can do a lot of things at the same time. Although this can change because everybody have differents opinions.

In the second image, we can see that a boy who do the housework is a 'modern man' and a women who do the same housework is a 'housewife' because always the society said like this. For me this is one of the most sexist stereotypes because the men is 'cool' when he does the housework but women no because we did since ever.

Soft Boys

Do you think boys are becoming soft?

In my opinion, the men are not becoming soft, they are becoming like they are because with the traditional masculine roles, do some things is 'bad' for the boys.

I think that soft boys are more interesting and cute than traditional roles.

Men jobs or women jobs

Do you think that there are certain jobs that men should not do?

I am not agree with this because all the jobs are for men or women, but it is true that not all the women or men are good for all the jobs.

Society have assigned this stereotypes in the jobs and when someone says 'Firefighter' you only think with men and this also happens with 'police' 'truck driver' or 'doctor' and when you says 'teacher' 'veterinary' or 'dancer' the society only think with women. Some people don't do the profession that he/she wants because it is frowned upon.

I have not seen this picture anywhere but it is a good picture because always the women have to do this job in our bathroom.