Mission Santa Ines

By Carmen F.

Mission History

Mission Santa Ines was built in 1804. On September 17,1804 Mission Santa Ines became the 19th mission in Alta California. The Chumash Indians built the mission. Father Estevan Tapis found the mission. Mission Santa Ines had a lot of important dates in the mission. In 1812, some earthquakes destroyed the church. In 1817, they presented the church on July 4. In 1836 Mission Santa Ines was secularized. In 1870 some buildings had collapsed. Santa Ines was located 35 miles from Santa Barbara.
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Mission Life

The daily life was different for everybody that lived there. The Americans Indians and Fray Junipero Serra lived there. Fray Junipero Serra, Fray Calzada, and Fray Gutierrez was in charge. The Priest and friars jobs were to teach the Indian to talk spanish and cathnialism. The Indians had jobs too. The woman work on weaving and other chores. The girl also had to do the chores. The boys had to do their own chores. The men work on terdea, cattle, horses, and sheep. They ate beans, corns, and vegetables. Yes, their was a school. The school teached to read and write in spanish, lantin and bible.

Mission Building

Mission Santa Ines was build from brick, adobe. It was 139 feet long. It was 26 feet wide, and 29 feet high. It had a tile roof and a tile floor. Mission Santa Ines had storerooms, workshops, and a guardhouse. In their free times they played hockey they also did gambling and pastimes on their free times.
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Mission Today

Today, the mission is still open for everyone. Families can go to mass on Sundays. There can be weddings held there. Students could go to the mission on a field trip and learn. They could see Fray Serra's vest. They could see beautiful status. They could see the inside of the church.


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