Computer Hardware

2nd Year ICT


Welcome to my flyer about computers! This flyer will tell you all about the different parts in the computer! and some amazing people that made all of this happen.

The Computer Monitor

Look at your computer. You are looking at this Flyer through the monitor! The monitor is basically the screen that you see evrything through. Without the monitor you wouldnt be able to see what you were doing on the computer an you wouldnt be able to see the things that you are doing.


The RAM is the memory that the computer runs on. When you turn the computer off the RAM is erased.


The CPU stands for the centrall processing unit of the computer. it is often referred to as the brain of the computer and processes the comands that you are making the computer do.

Touch Screens

Touch Screens are very cool and they are very clever. Touch screens are the screens on things like smart phones, ipods, ipads and any screan on any device that you can operate with your finger or your hand

Thank You!

Thank You very much for reading this leaflet. I hope that you enjoyed reading it and i hope you learned things from it!