Virtual Field Trips

Oh the places YOU can go!

Why and How?

Today, many districts do not have extra money in their budgets for field trips or other special activities (Lawerence, 2014). One answer to this is: Virtual Field Trips. A virtual field trip incorporates video and images to take students to places they have never been before or may never get to go! They are a popular way to incorporate educational technology into your classroom and a fantastic resource for teaching students about different topics in your curriculum.

Some benefits of this effective instructional strategy are:

  • they help to create a range of experiences for your students (Lawerence, 2014)
  • they increase student engagement (Lawerence, 2014)
  • they can retain more information due to less distractions (Ash, 2009)

The availability of free virtual field trips on the web can teach students about so many places or things that they may never have the opportunity to experience. Since students will be viewing the tour from their classroom, they may get to see much more than they would if they were walking the crowded and distracting destination. At least one evaluation has shown that this helps students retain more information taught through this experience (Ash, 2009). Lastly, student's will be participating and answering questions throughout the trip. It is not simply visiting a website, it is so much more. Virtual field trips are a great classroom instructional strategy and only require the internet. They should be portrayed the same way that a real field trip would be and students will reap the benefits of this amazing digital adventure (Mandel, n.d.)
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Virtual Field Trips in the Fifth Grade Classroom

In 5th grade, we study the American Revolution in Language Arts and Social Studies. Listed below are two Virtual Field Trip's that are the perfect educational resources for my fifth grade classroom. My students can learn so much more about the American Revolution by using these digital tools to play an active role in this historic event. I am looking forward to using these trips for my classroom this year!
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Where can my class visit? Try a Virtual Field Trip this school year!

The number of virtual field trips on the web is inspiring. There are field trips that match the curriculum of all grade levels. Check out the list below for more information on a field trip for your classroom! If you find a VFT that you and your students enjoy, I would love to hear about it! Please contact me at to share your educational experience!

North America-

The Good Egg Project-

The Smithsonian-

Mister Rogers-

Ten Best Virtual Field Trips-

Virtual Field Trips for Schools-

Virtual Field Trip Resources-

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