Sammy Davis Jr.'s Life Story


The Beginning

Acting, dancing and singing Sammy Davis Jr. Was very talented he was born December 8, 1925, in New York. At 3 years of age, he was already on stage. He was in world war 2 he was in the entertainment business. After world war 2 he returned to New York to resume his show biz career in 1950 he went solo and produced 2 albums that were successful headliners in Las Vegas and New York. He had a big part in broadway he had played in may musicals he had enjoyed playing in the musicals.

My last Paragh

November 1954 he had almost died in a car accident that shattered his face and running his left eye. He was there with Martin Luther King Jr. Died at 64 may 16 1940 long life smoker he had throat cancer he had died in Beverly Hills California. He had married three times frist to a singer named Layraya and to Britt then to Altovise Gore. He had gotten the Kennedy Honors Award.