How to stay safe on the internet.

How to be safe.

To stay safe on the internet you want to make sure that on any websites you use you don't put your home address on your profile. If your address is on a website you could be found by any one. Don't put your phone number on online profiles as then anybody can contact you. Don't talk to people you do not know as they could pedophiles or perverts. If you are going to meet someone you have met on the internet make sure you always take an adult with you because they could be a different person to who they said they are.

Do's and Dont's

*Don't Put your address online.

*Do keep safe.

*Don't talk to strangers.

*Do keep your password safe.

*Don't tell people your password.

*Do ask people if you are not sure about somthing or someone on the internet.

*Don't meet people you know from the internet in real life without an adult with you.

Consequences of not being safe.

Somebody could approach you in the streets.

Somebody could kidnap you.

Somebody could take pictures of you that are online and spread them around.