Notes from Andy

Induction and the first few days......


I hope your last few days have been fruitful and allowed you to get your bearings etc. This update is to give you the information you require for next week and the start of the following - just an overview as a reference for what we need from you, time-wise etc.

Some of you may be in contact with HODs or buddies and arranging other meetings - please just work around these times, which existing staff should have.

Looking forward to seeing most if not all of you on Wednesday - Luc sends his apologies.

Wed 6 August - Diploma Centre 4F

Cross the entrance foyer and take lift to 4F. Take a left out of the lift and Diploma Centre is left again.

This morning is with me - basic information you will need to get started, get a sense of who we are, and get some of your burning questions, answered. You will get material in hard and soft copy - bring your laptops if you can.

Two blocks of 90 minutes and we may finish early. The timings are flexible based on need, but we will finish no later than 12.30. After that, the time is yours.

9.00 - 10.30

Session 1

10.30 - 11.00

Morning tea

11.00 - 12.30

Session 2

Dress casual

Fri 8 August - Diploma Centre 4F

No need for directions.....

10.30 - 11.30

Laptop induction with Joe Leithhead (Digital Literacies Coordinator)

11.30 - 12.00

Coffee and Tea with Deans and Heads of Departments

12.00 -

Your time by arrangement with HODs

Dress casual

Mon 11 August / Tues 12 August

All staff in for our two introductory days - whole school focus

8.30am start both days

Dress casual

More details on Wed 6

My mobile if you need...... 965 24254