I'm 21! (Well... soon enough.)

"Hello, my name is Georgia."

So I'm Turning 21...

... And people have parties to celebrate being an adult! (Even though we all know it's way better being a kid. Growing old is such a chore... sigh.)

I'm going to have a tea party. (Which means you're probably not going to be full if you're a big eater.) Carpenter and Cook is helping me out with the food so it should be cute and quirky. Er... I mean yummy. Mmmm. ;D (If there's not enough food... I might give you pizza. Maybe.)

You can wear whatever you want (just make sure you're fully clothed... please). It's gonna be a super casual gathering of friends and family. As long as you're not wearing a basketball jersey, I won't throw you out. ;)

Save the Date (& Time)

Sunday, Aug. 11th, 5-7:30pm

4 Simei Rise


Turning 21 - 31 | 07 | 13


If you're reading this, you probably have my number. Right? *guilt trips*

All you need to do is text/whatsapp: "HEY GEORGIA, I'M COMING TO YOUR BIRTHDAY THING", and I'll check you off my (hypothetical) list.

It's that easy. (Also because this thing has no rsvp button built in. So you're gonna have to do it the old fashioned way.)