Where would I want to live?

With input on Canada and New Hampshire

By- Wyatt Hoppa

New Hampshire...Or Not?

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This would be where you live...

Hopefully you knew that!

What you may not have known!

Crime Rate: New Hampshire is one of the safest states in the country, with only 25 crimes per every thousand people.

Climate: It also has one of the most diverse climate in the country- Hot summers, and frigid winters, with incredibly beautiful autumns.

Taxes: Also a plus- New Hampshire doesn't have a sales tax, or an income tax. On the downside, the property tax is one of the highest in the country

Religion: Only 36% of New Hampshire is religious, with 24% being Catholic and the other 12% being multiple other religions.

Unemployment: 5.1% unemployment in New Hampshire

Professional Sports Teams: None. Unless the Manchester Monarchs and the New Hampshire Fisher Cats count, there are no pro sports to cheer for in New Hampshire.

Property Value; The average property value of NH is about $379,000, with the cheapest county being $151,862, and the highest county average being $454,179.

Schools: New Hampshire has some of the best schools in the Nation, ranking number 3 and 4 on multiple articles

Racial Makeup: Almost 100% Caucasian

Economy: Most of New Hampshire's economy is in tourism and schooling. So unless you are a teacher or you work for a tourist company, New Hampshire doesn't have the job for you.


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Even better- Ontario

What you may want to know about Ontario
Crime Rates: Ontario has a crime rate of 4,016 crimes per every 100,000 people, or for comparison, 40.16 crimes per every 1,000 people (as compared to NH's 25 crimes per every 1,000 people).

Climate: In the summer, the temperature can fly above 90 degrees (F), while in the winter, it can plummet to -40 degrees (F). Rainfall is normal throughout the year in the Great Lakes area, while it is normally dry further north.

Taxes: There is a 13% sales tax in Ontario, with income taxes ranging from 5% to 13%. The property tax is not a set rate.

Religion: The most prominent religions are Protestant and Catholic, with only 17% of Ontario being irreligious.

Unemployment: 7.9% unemployment rate, which is 2.8% more than New Hampshire.

Pro Sports: There are multiple professional sports clubs in Ontario, such as the Toronto Blue Jays, the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Ottawa Senators, the Toronto Raptors, the Toronto Argo-Nauts, the Ottawa Redblacks, Toronto FC, and Ottawa Fury FC. There are more, but these are the most major between Ottawa and Toronto.

Property Values: the median property value in Ontario is $285,000,m a bit less than NH

Schools: Schools Ontario wide are not ranked by the Canadian government, but province-wide testing reveals that only 53% of Ontario students are proficient in math, with 76% proficient in reading/writing.

Racial Makeup: Ontario is 75.4% white, with a multitude of minority groups, such as Asian, African, and Arab.

Economy: Ontario's economy is extremely diverse, with manufacturing, finance, technology, forestry, agriculture, and mining.

But what about Massachusetts?

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Crime Rate: 25.59 crimes per every 1,000 people, about half a crime more than New Hampshire.

Climate: There are actually very different climates throughout the state: the western and the eastern. The west is far colder than the east, with colder winters and summers. The east, running along the Atlantic Ocean, is much warmer than the west. The average winter temperature in the west is 22 degrees, while the summer average is 68 degrees. The east, however, has a winter average of 30 degrees, and a summer average of 75 degrees, noticeable warmer than the western side of the state.

Taxes: The income tax for Mass. is 5.25%, the sales tax is 6.25%, and the property tax is .8% to 13%.

Religion: 43% of Massachusetts is religious, out of the 57% religious in Mass.

Unemployment: 7.2% of all of Massachusetts is unemployed, compared to the 5.1% of New Hampshire.

Pro Sports: There are multiple professional sports clubs in Massachusetts, such as the Boston Bruins, the Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots, the Boston Celtics, and the New England Revolution.

Property Values: The average price per home is $314,700, a touch lower than New Hampshire.

Schools: Massachusetts students are ranked number 1 in the NAEP test, a test given country wide to compare school quality in math and reading. Boston, Mass, also has some of the best colleges in the world, such as Harvard, MIT, and Boston College.

Racial Makeup: Mass is 83.7% white, 8% black, and a whole lot of other races. such as Hawaiian, Asian, and Latino.

Economy: The Massachusetts economy is extremely diverse, with agriculture, mining, manufacturing, fishing, and services. Now, the services include finance, private health care, private schools, law firms, computer programming and network services, engineering companies. Boston is the medical research center of the world as well.

So...Where Do I Want To Go?

Boston, Massachusetts

There are several reasons why Boston, Mass is the place for me. First off, I am a city person. I love the city, with all the people, the food, and the possibilities that a city offers. But there are other things that draw me to the city as well. The crime rate is only a touch higher than that of the New Hampshire. The economy is much more diverse in Boston than in New Hampshire, with Boston leading the world in medical research. Boston has financial firms, law firms, culinary opportunities, and other job possibilities. I won't find that kind of work in New Hampshire. Also, Massachusetts has some of the best colleges in the world- something that is not to be overlooked. The public school system is great in New Hampshire, but is equally as good in some parts of Massachusetts as well. Of course, adjusting to income taxes and sales taxes may be odd, for Massachusetts does have these things, but the property tax is far lower in Massachusetts than New Hampshire. The average value of a home in Massachusetts is less than that of New Hampshire, meaning that I will get more house for my money in Massachusetts. Adding to this is the fact that I love Boston Sports, and being close to my favorite teams is something I've always wanted to do. Equally as good is the fact that the weather in Boston is almost identical to the weather in New Hampshire- just warmer. The trees still change colors down there as well, so the fall will still look beautiful in Massachusetts as it does here. All in all, Massachusetts is a great fit for me, and while New Hampshire is great, Massachusetts is just better for me.

As for Canada, I think that it is great, however, Boston is where I want to be. Switching countries seems to be a hassle, and I really don't want to go through it all if I have all I need right here in Boston.

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